Rome, the bus driver starts late, skip and stop insulting a passenger.

On the basis of nothing, what a picture where you see a driver sprawled in an inelegant and smoky declarations: 1) who knows the time or complaint goes to arm a while that stopped at the end of the line? 2) if he hadn’t respected the timetable may have had to postpone the departure arrangements to reduce the hole because skipped the race operating system3) sauteed and stop the vaffa should be verified with other testimonianzeTutto this instrumental to create a little choppy: pilloried the pillory!And gi with the usual comments beceri road man, the one who knows everything and has the remedy for everything. Then maybe this time the driver has 100% wrong for ,. And then in the comments we start talking about privatization of the service, then perhaps there someone blowing on the fire, because we would have to do several pennies to pulping the corpse of Atac. And like Andreotti said, to think bad ,, For more data regarding this topic check

Dok Leipzig Director Claas Danielsen goes.

CLAAS Danielsen (48) overcome the distances between the locations by bike. For ten years, he directs the Dok Leipzig. The upcoming Festival in autumn will be his last. Danielsen, who came on board in 2004, want to go. In ten years, we have achieved the most goals that I had set myself. This was a Very much intense and fulfilling time with very little privacy, says Danielsen. In the new year he wants take a several-month break to sort new ideas and projects in peace. I can now pass the Festival with joy, it is internationally Very good, says the native hamburger who live like want to stay after his departure from the Festival in Leipzig. There is a lot of catching up to do. I would like more tasted the wonderful culture and music in Leipzig, he says in retrospect. He loves particularly jazz and classical music. And the studied documentary film director photographed too. . Inspirational facts may be studied checking the following source.

Weak September start: Dax pushes back in the plus.

There is not great impulses meant a market participant with a view to the start of the week. Trading volumes are expected to remain low in the afternoon because of a holiday in the United States (Labour Day). Technically-minded observers believe the German market despite slight upside potential. Is a test of the 9500er brand, said a dealer prior to IPO. Ahead of the ECB meeting on Thursday but the demand is to prevail, they said. Other important decisions have already been: the Finnish company Nokia has made the resurgence in the Eurostoxx50 and there supplanted CRH shares at the closing price of 19 September. The rise is likely pushing the Nokia share. Because on the Eurostoxx50 index over 100 billion passive capital align according to estimates in the market, money, that is for example in ETFs. Thus, the Eurostoxx50 is the most important benchmark in Europe, it includes the biggest singles of the euro zone. With the entry in the late summer on the stock exchange, analysts of LBBW opened the round of forecasts to the course perspectives on the Dax. The experts of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) expanded its forecast horizon according to own on The end of the coming year and accordingly adapted their model. . Original facts can be studied visiting this site.

Euro zone: recovery continues to falter in the manufacturing sector.

The recovery in the manufacturing sector showed new signs of shortness of breath in August in the eurozone, Markit cabinet which issued a second estimate of the PMI index said on Monday. The Eurozone Manufacturing PMI stood at 50.7 points from 51.8 in July. It was at 50.8 points at the first estimate. When it exceeds 50 points, it means as activity progresses, while it folds if it is below this threshold. This is the fourth consecutive month that Manufacturing PMI folds and the situation is worrying in France (46.9 points) and, to a lesser extent, Italy (49.8 points). The french manufacturing sector recorded its strongest contraction since may, 2013, while manufacturers activity stagnates in Italy after experiencing a phase of strong expansion, said Rob Dobson, Economist for Markit cabinet. In addition, signs of slowing growth in the German manufacturing industry, a key sector of the economy of the region, as well as in Spain and the Netherlands are also of concern, he says. These figures should consolidate those hoping the announcement of new monetary measures on the part of the European Central Bank (ECB), as well as fiscal stimulus measures. The Monetary Institute meets Thursday but should not take measures in the immediate future, according to most analysts. It should, however, opt for strong words after the speech of Mario Draghi late August in the United States, which has developed markets in turmoil. The president of the ECB publicly worried about a significant decline in expectations for inflation in the medium term and said he was prepared to adjust further its monetary policy by using all means available, if required. He also called for an adjustment of fiscal policies to support growth. . Extended facts can be inspected visiting

This is no country for young people.

I’m afraid the image of Radio begins to be inadequate to represent the country. Too young and youthful. Too much swagger and even exaggerated. Compared to a country that seems to travel-and look-in the opposite direction. That is, toward the past. Because the Italy seems like a Country increasingly resigned. Boasting a sad optimism, crossed by widespread anger. It is a land of retirees, with all respect for those who retire has gained, after years and years of work. However, it’s hard not to detect continuous tensions around the pension system. From a social point of view and political. Because age pension access it is stretched to contain the cost of public security in a society increasingly old. Where retirees are over 7 every 10 occupied. But, in this way, the entrance into the labour market for young people was further restricted. So the generation of fathers-and, in some cases, grandparents-sixties would retire. But fails. Even when the Government, as it has done in recent weeks, so provides. For example: for teachers (so-called) 96 quota. 61 years to have 35 years of contributions. Because, after the announcement, it turns out that there are no shells, resources. A bit as was the case for the esodati. A linguistic invention. Past participle of a verb that is not there. Coined to mean those people lost, in exodus toward retirement. But remained on the street. Pre-retired without pension. Due to im-planned legislation. Are there but not seen. Are we. Waiting for the State are resources for pensionarli really, after the early closure of the employment relationship, negotiated with the company. On the other hand, the Italy is a country crushed by government spending. From debt. Despite the fact that the civil service is in constant decline. The 7% less in the last 5 years. But about 20%, for that State’s concerns. With the result, paradoxically, that public spending is not lowered. On the contrary. Because, as he wrote down Tito Boeri, a few days ago on these pages, public salaries in less became more pensions payable, always at the expense of the taxpayer. This country, we esodati and would-be retirees, as can have and, before that, imagine the future? Up to the present. But, more likely, the present perfect. Nell’Italia today, although Renzi, the future is yesterday. At most, this morning. Moreover, it is not for nothing, this country for old men, as I have pointed out on other occasions, he is losing and has already lost its youth. Which are few and less and less, since birth rates in Italy, are among the lowest in the Western world. While youth employment rates fall and unemployment grow continuously. The young are also esodati them. Given that there are about two million Neet, another neologism to mean a population out of school and work. Therefore, it’s too-lost. Between the folds of the temporary and informal employment. Sheltered by families, offering them an anchor, waiting for an unexpected and unpredictable stability. Young people. They leave from Italy, if and when they can. More and more numerous. In particular, during the courses. Use the Erasmus program which involves several months of study at foreign universities in agreement with Italian ones. But then, after graduation, reboot again. Continue their education in other foreign universities. And often are used. Elsewhere. Because Italy is a land of retirees where young esodano. Especially graduates. That are less and less. The 20% of the population between 25 and 34 years. That is, half the Oecd average. Moreover, the balance between young graduates coming out and, in Italy, is negative ( -1.2%, according to a report by Manageritalia). The worst of the EU. So, we have become a country of old, crossed by anxieties and fears. Because, when you get older, they grow and spread even fears. And it defends itself from the others, closing at home. Looking at all with growing suspicion. In Italy, more than two out of three are wary of people who have opposite (Oss, safety Demos-Oss. Pavia-Fond. Unipolis). Why we might care. In particular, care-and-scare foreigners who flock to the growing number of Italy. Why are so many, more and more, those who arrive. By all means. In particular, from the North of Africa. Not for pleasure but driven by fears far more immediate and dramatic than ours. Wars, famine, conflicts. Flee from their world that is there, one step away from ours. And take short trips but, often, infiniti. Why end so tragic. At the bottom of the sea. Our seas that resemble cemeteries, where fluids are deposited, in the thousands, the bodies of migrants who try to climb over the wall that separates them from us. The Mare Nostrum that now has become a sea Mostrum. That stretch of sea is a wall, a barrier. Built with our fears, to defend our loneliness, our old age miserable. To cultivate our indifference. We, the extreme border of Europe. Final frontier of a civilization without civilization. Without mercy. No more future. Because if you start your young (best qualified) and keep out those who would like to enter from the South but also from the West, the poor and the desperate, but even the most educated and skilled: what future do you want to have? At most, one passed. Increasingly uncertain, too. And in a daze. As memory. For this representation, and the representation provided by Renzi, today, I get inadequate. Too young and youthful. Too playful. Compared to the country: is likely to propose a distorting mirror. Hard to preach the growth if we decline-population. If young people are few and when they can leave. Not just, of course, an ice cream to make them fit. Nor let us rejuvenate everybody. Easier, rather, that he, the Prime Minister, in the country, reflecting age soon. . Additional info can be found checking url.

Monte Disgrazia, four others died in Valtellina.

They were at an altitude of 3,000 metres when four climbers have lost their balance and fell into a crevasse. The tragedy occurred this morning on monte Disgrazia in Val Masino, in the province of Sondrio. The climbers were part of a group of six people, and when two of them refused to go forward to the adverse weather conditions, others have decided to continue. The dense fog, snow and ice pellets have helped make complex military relief of the Guardia di Finanza and the mountain rescue of Valtellina and Valchiavenna. When at 10. 30 the alarm has come, the weather conditions prevented the immediate eliosoccorso, forcing rescue workers to reach the scene of the accident on foot, arriving at around 14. 30. during the week, on the same mountain, had recorded another fatal accident. Wednesday, August 27, in fact, a couple of German tourists, him 60 years and 54, were found at an altitude of 2. 900 metres, between Monte Sissone and barons of Fisgrazia, when they slipped and fell about ten feet into a crevasse. They were part of a group of five people and were their comrades to launch immediately the alarm. For the recovery of the bodies was necessary the intervention of the helicopter and mountain rescue. . For additional insights on this subject check

Problems in marriage: four killer of relationship.

Theoretically, it is quite easy: what you don’t want, that you do, that also add to any others. The golden rule of ethics taught for many centuries, is also in the marriage. Unfortunately that is not enough. On time. com, author Eric Barker refers to John Gottman, who sees the four last things one can do in a relationship, as harbingers for a separation. The American psychologist compares it with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. And Gottman knows what he is talking about, its topics are relationship analysis and work on marriage stability. He sounds a pair for five minutes and can predict whether the marriage holds. 91 percent of the time, he’s right. Not great differences destroy marriages, but the manner, goes around like a couple that. Who for years tried to change the other, will argue repeatedly about the same things. Fundamental differences in personality, the values or way of life cannot be changed. Therefore Bertha: you accept the others, as he is. Even if you take the one or other property as a weakness, you learn that dealing with a tennis elbow or an irritable bowel. That’s not nice, but you can live with it, you can avoid situations that make it worse. Who wants to deepen his knowledge: on 12 September, the 7 Secrets of the happy marriage of John Gottman on German appears. . You should read this to discover more about this great matter.

Rushes: ‘the legitimacy of the TC to prohibit democracy is non-existent.

If some older children want to become independent, it is legal that the decision n corresponds fully to them. It is not legal, is that kids want is independence summoning a refer exits (to vote only them) to see if their parents have to go home and as, make them independent without leaving their territory. And the worst thing is that, to the become independent qued staying at the home of his parents, will seize the property an. And that, it is stealing. Conclusion n people if they have the right to decide on their independence. It is not legal is one intending to steal the corresponding part of territory that is all the Espa oles. All espa oles are owners of Catalonia to, so that all the Catalans are owners of Espa to. And as all owners of Espa, is not legal to convene a Wolfram refer to only 20% of owners of Espa to vote if or not to steal the property that corresponds to the rest of espa oles. . You can click the following to discover extra regarding this amazing matter.

Slingers of the PS: Valls bitten our red line.

As a movement, you wake the Chamber debate: for what purpose? We had a deep need to go explain to the Socialists we want to do, to get their support and their confidence. Many are in doubt, sometimes in anger. You must be able to tell them that there is not only one possible way to the left to the Government. It is therefore not only challenge the current policy but make them alternative proposals. What is your flagship proposal? An emergency facing the recession plan. We must of course structural reforms: we offer for example a tax reform and a new banking law. But their effects are long term. To combat the recession, targeted support to businesses, we want the power to additional purchase for families and local investment maintaining. Manuel Valls will soon submit his Government in the vote of confidence in the Assembly. Some bet on the fact that you dare not to drop,. The Socialist deputies were not elected to bring down the Government but to respect its commitments. After this week, it has become difficult for many Socialists to vote confidence. If Manuel Valls policy speech always reflects this orientation, we will not vote the. It is crystal clear. Matignon has relied on a yellow line crossing to oust Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon. Your turn, lui-secure you a limit to not cross? A red line, which has been widely bitten this week. On Monday, ousting of two emblematic Ministers who had developed very close proposals of ours. Tuesday, narrowing of the perimeter policy of the Government. Wednesday, the Prime Minister at the summer University of the Medef. Thursday, hurricane on the 35 hours. Friday, end of regulation of rents. Last Saturday, information on the use of orders to regulate the work of Sunday! The Prime Minister has clearly unveiled its intentions: he leads an offensive beyond the identity and the project of the PS, and countdown to 2012 commitments. Why not simply leave the PS? Because it is our party, and we do not want to abandon her face of the TOB looming. And then yet again, we are fighting to enforce the commitments on which we were elected! Manuel Valls is not the Knight of modern times, and we archaic grumpy. You can be modern, i.e. respond to the problems of today, while being faithful to our principles, our values of left. The French have chosen in 2012 a president of the Republic with a program. If we forget, we get lost. Arnaud Montebourg nor Benoît Hamon have come to your meetings at La Rochelle. Christiane Taubira, if: would you like it is your fight? It is true that there is Christiane Taubira true fidelity to the values of the left, and it is one of our sources of pride for two years. So we are very pleased that she has accepted our invitation. But we are not going to engage in a battle of heads or candidates do not know what. If the presidential election were held tomorrow, the Socialists would not gain the. So the question today, is to regain the confidence of the French, who for the moment down each week. And the political disaster may succeed to the economic crisis,, Original facts may be studied visiting the following

Brittany in 2011 collision between a b and a truck: SNCF implementation review.

The SNCF put under investigation Friday by a judge of Rennes for homicides and unintentional injuries nearly three years after the collision at the crossing at Saint-Médard-sur-Ille (Ille-et-Vilaine) between a truck and a train TER, who had 3 dead and 45 injured, learned Saturday from corroborating sources. The Association Solidarité St Médard NP11, who announced these proceedings confirmed by the Regional Director of the SNCF, said in a press release experience a great relief after this new. This indictment will finally enable fully transparent and conflicting legal debate to which the association actively intends to contribute, she says in its press release. The association Solidarité St Médard NP11, which includes the victims of the accident and their families, or the Regional Directorate of the SNCF were able Saturday to indicate the facts complained to the railway. The accident, which had cost the lives of two women aged 43 and 73, and to a 36-year-old man, occurred on October 12, 2011 North of Rennes. Several witnesses had testified that the truck was committed while the lights blinked and had been blocked on the road when the gates were down. Under the violence of the shock, the cab of the truck had been cut off from its trailer and screened at 20 metres. In the collision, the TER train carrying 170 passengers was travelling at 110 km/h, its driver who managed to engage the emergency brake, according to SNCF. The HGV driver, suspected of not complying with the red light flashing, has also been indicted. He is being prosecuted for homicide and unintentional injuries by driver with the aggravating circumstance of violation clearly deliberate a duty of security or care. It had been left in freedom and placed under judicial control. . For more data regarding this topic check blog.