How to wear makeup d & # 39; summer? Definitely not like Kate Hudson.

(La Presse)-beautiful, good, elegant. But with a disastrous make-up. The first New York film ‘ Wish I Was Here’s Kate Hudson went through the red carpet with a ultra sexy look, wearing a long dress from the collection of Michael Kors 2015 Resort opened on his belly and strapless that seemed written specifically to highlight the ABS and the neckline of the actress. As he wrote the famous and most loved (from star) blogger Perez Hilton: everything from the waist down. Instead, starting, too dark and deep for an evening of summer. To make matters worse the blush on my cheeks too orangey accentuated that gave a very refined air. Coup de Grâce of make-up, too bright to be harmonised with the chromatic excesses spread over the rest of the face. The slight silvery shadow disappeared near the red cheeks making eyes appear? By choosing a make up diametrically opposed to that of Kate Hudson. . Additional facts can be inspected clicking home page.

Health: departing from Congo Italian State flight to rescue sick children 4.

Rome, 1 Aug. (Reuters Health)-Rome-Kinshasa-Congo Rome the hope. Has taken this morning from Kinshasa the Operation Lifesaver to bring four African children sick in Italy. State flight, made available to the Government at the request of the new Italian Ambassador to Kinshasa, Maximilian Antuono, in collaboration with the Italian air force, started from Africa to land in Italy in the evening, first in Genoa and then in Rome. Aboard the four unlucky Congolese children: Victor (15 months), Daniel (4 years), Cordie (9 years) and Nathalie (14 years), guests of the Pediatrics of Kimbondo, about 35 miles from Kinshasa, urgently needing specialized medical care that their country is not able to offer. The first two are suffering from a severe form of heart disease, with small Vittorio in mortal danger, while the two children suffer from a high degree burns all over his body. The arrival is expected in Genoa for 16.45 tonight, leaving Vittorio and Daniel Gaslini hospital, where they will be operated, and then continue towards Rome-arrival around 19-where Cordie and Nathalie will be hospitalized at St. Eugene. To accompany children on board the aircraft there will be Iole Cisnetto, President of Fondazione Onlus InSé, who masterminded all of this life-saving mission, father Hugo Rios, founder of the Pediatric Foundation, and Emanuele Aids Kimbondo, pediatrician of the Gemelli hospital in Rome and President of The children’s Terrace, which also supports the Pediatrics of Kimbondo. The InSé Foundation, the terrace of childhood and other associations have given rise to the network Hub for Kimbondo, to improve the capacity of coordination of humanitarian initiatives. The two children with cardiopathy-relates a note of InSé Foundation Onlus-Gaslini hospital will be operated by Lucio Zannini and his team. Liguria region, through the Vice-President and Health Minister, Claudio Montaldo, he financed all the expenditure. In Rome, the two children suffering from severe burns will be maintained in the Department of reconstructive surgery of ospedale Sant’Eugenio, the team of professor B. The financing of these two interventions was ensured by the Foundation InSè, directly and through private donations. InSé Onlus Foundation from years supports pediatric Kimbondo Foundation, created in 1989 over from father Hugo Rios and Laura Perna, is 95 now, to accommodate sick children, abandoned, orphaned, deprived of livelihood, in order to give them medical care and socio-cultural. Today the hospital houses about 1000 children and became a landmark free health throughout Kinshasa. . You must check the following resource to learn more on this great topic.

Why the India has blocked the WTO negotiations.

It is on this principle that the Indian Parliament relied in voting for the National Food Security Act (or Right to Food Act, law on the right to food) September 12, 2013. This Act allows disadvantaged population access to basic foodstuffs at fixed, low prices, and in some cases for free. The program that follows is extended to 50% of the urban population and 75 per cent of the rural population, or approximately two thirds of the total population. 1250 billion rupees (15.3 billion euros) have been invested in 2013. It is therefore a major program that the Indian authorities are not ready to give up. Jean-Joseph Boillot, expert from the emerging economies to the CEPII, said La Tribune that political power in India has a margin for manoeuvre relatively limited against the administration. This bureaucracy, which remains in place despite the political vibrations, is the guardian of the constitution and would therefore not accept a WTO agreement that goes against the Right to Food Act. The food programme arising from the Right to Food Act was launched under former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and extended by the new administration of Narendra Modi. According to Jean – Joseph Boillot, he thus is both political and popular consensus. The popular classes, which are the first beneficiaries, represent a considerable mass of voters that power up does not wish to antagonize. Mohan Guruswamy, Chairman of the Center for Policy Alternatives, a think tank in New Delhi and former employee of the Indian Finance Ministry, summarized from the Reuters news agency. You must read the following to discover more about this amazing subject.

Gaza: a violation barbarian of the ceasefire by Hamas, for Washington.

The White House denounced Friday morning a barbaric violation of the ceasefire by Hamas in Gaza by relying on Israeli information alleging death of two soldiers and the likely capture of an officer. The Israelis indicated this morning that the cease-fire has been violated and that members of Hamas were visibly used humanitarian Truce to attack Israeli soldiers and even to take a hostage. It would be a fairly barbaric violation of the ceasefire agreement, said White House spokesman Josh Earnest, on CNN. We have been transparent and all parties involved have been transparent about the content of this agreement. Hamas has a responsibility to respect the agreement and it appears that he has not done, he said. The ceasefire came into force at 8 hours local time (5 hours GMT) and expected to last 72 hours, including to replenish the population harshly proven and allow it to bury its dead, has not taken two hours. Israel and Hamas are returned is the responsibility of the failure of the truce, the first that both sides had accepted since the beginning of hostilities on 8 July. Negotiations were supposed to commit Friday to Cairo so the ceasefire can last longer than previous truces, unilateral, in a devastating conflict that, in 25 days, cost the lives of about 1,500 Palestinians, mostly civilians, as well as 63 soldiers and 3 civilians Israeli side. . For additional insights regarding this matter visit

+++ Ukraine NewsTicker +++: Putin warns: violence generates violence.

Two weeks after the crash of the MH17 experts in the East of Ukraine have recovered more body parts. The team of Dutch and Australians is now safely returned, so Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. A larger team wanted 24 hours again to the crash site. There are still victims in the debris field. Meanwhile continues to grow the pressure on Moscow. The economic sanctions adopted by the 28 EU governments today into force. Stay tuned to the action with the Star News. More than 60 experts from several Western countries begin their work at the crash site by MH17. According to the OSCE forensics and crime technicians from the Netherlands and Australia begin the search after other corpses of the crash victims and the forensics on the wreckage. Yesterday, experts had arrived for the first time the inquiry to the crash site is in the area controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The EU sanctions against Russia impact on the Polish economy. At the end of the year, the increase in the gross domestic product by 0.6 percentage points will be low because of the penalties, says Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechocinski of the newspaper Rzeczpospolita. The Central Bank anticipates 2014 by a rise of 3.6 percent. Piechocinski said exports had dropped already to Russia by seven per cent, in the Ukraine to 26 to 29 percent. The trend will intensify in the second half of the year. The Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian separatists agreed mutual exchange of 20 prisoners at crisis talks in Minsk. The men will be released soon, says the Ukrainian ex-President Leonid Kutschma, who had participated in the negotiations in the Belarusian capital as an intermediary. The insurgents have also pledged to ensure secure access to the location of the Malaysian aircraft international investigators. The contact group met yesterday in Minsk, and wants to continue the talks in the next week at the latest. 14 people are killed in fighting in the vicinity of the crash site of flight MH17 in the Eastern Ukraine in the night of Friday according to the army. At least ten Government soldiers are among the casualties of the fighting in the town of Schachtarsk, as communicated by a spokesman of the armed forces. Four bodies were still unidentified, them it could be Ukrainian soldiers or terrorists, as the separatists are referred by Kiev. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) commends the results of the meeting of the Ukraine contact group in Minsk. There first agreements on the safe access to the crash site by MH17 be taken, according to a statement distributed by the Foreign Office. Therefore, the representatives of Russia, the Ukraine and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) met with representatives of the pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine. Steinmeier called that good news. That had been spoken at the meeting about the ceasefire in the Eastern Ukraine, was encouraging after weeks of inactivity, according to the statement of the Foreign Ministry further. According to the Ukrainian Government, the participants of the talks agreed in Minsk, to maintain the cease-fire. The Foreign Office according to the contact group will meet again next week with representatives of the separatists. . You should click the following link to read extra regarding this amazing matter.

Israel accused TVE of siding by Hamas in the Gaza conflict.

@Palados then when we occupied the French, if atac we were going to French troops were terrorists, and Espa endurance wave was that not wants to Espa to not? There are terrible things to read, #15 60 dead is true but only 3 civilians 57 military. . If you attacked with a stick and your you defend yourself with a tank bad will,. Although any kind of violence is condemnable come from where you come in Israel there is a democracy? Not allow the vote to the 5 million Palestinians, have even created an apartheid, separate roads in the occupied territories where can circuilar or not the Palestinians, that when do not remove them their territories to build new settlements and of course, do not meet any of the UN resolutions, that have to make the Palestinians? Keep cross of arms without ning n future while they are slowly killing them? What has to be done is to impose a PU étera time the resolutions of the UN on the territories, but that’s precisely what does Israel, staying an without much simo colonized Territory,, Additional facts can be inspected checking website.

Naples, the bus company sided with Palestine and controversy.

Have appeared in these days on the net on the Facebook page of ANM some photos showing the deposit of via Nazionale delle Puglie flanked on either side by two Palestinian flags, while the Leopards Metro station was installed a plexiglass display board containing a large poster for peace on which reads the hashtag #stopbombingaza. Photos, signed by trade union leader Adolfo Vallini have triggered the online debate attracting even the dissent of the Jewish community. The Neapolitan owned initiative fits into the Groove of a debate much felt by the administration. A few days ago, in fact, a rainbow banner appeared on the façade of Palazzo San Giacomo in sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people. "These days we are and we, as directors, alongside the Palestinian community to support all the initiatives that will take place in the field to stop the ongoing military assault in the Gaza Strip," said Mayor de Magistris in a note. Called for today, 1 August, a press conference to discuss cooperation and solidarity initiatives promoted by the city in support of Palestinian communities. Present at the meeting the head of assets and cooperation Alexander Evans, the President of the Palestinian community Shafik Kurtam, European coordinator of the Pcrf (The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund) Olga wax, doctor and President of appeal for Gaza children Paola Manduca. . You must visit this fact to read more about this great subject.

Gaza: a 72-hour ceasefire came into force.

A 72-hour ceasefire came into force Friday at 08:00 (05: 00GMT) in the devastated Gaza Strip and negotiations must now commit to Cairo to try to close the war between Hamas and Israel. Intervened on the 25th day of the bloody conflict, this truce to humanitarian first referred is the first accepted by both sides since the start of hostilities on 8 July. It was preceded by intense shelling and rocket fire for two hours, found journalists in Gaza City. However, the sounds of fighting had ceased in the sector at 08:00. The roads were deserted, and columns of smoke amounted in places. Several humanitarian trier have already collapsed during a devastating conflict that claimed the lives of about 1. 450 Palestinians, overwhelmingly civilian, and Israeli side, 61 soldiers and three civilians. But previous truces were declared unilaterally by one or the other belligerents. Thereof, for a duration of three days, should allow the opening of discussions in Cairo to seek a lasting solution to the conflict. The war was triggered by air strikes by the Israeli army with aim to put an end to the firing of rockets by Hamas and its Islamic Jihad allies and attacks carried out in Israel by commandos infiltrated by tunnels. Nine days later, the protective border operation is passed to its earthly phase, the army entering the Palestinian enclave which it had unilaterally withdrawn in 2005. The ceasefire was announced on the night in a joint statement by the US Secretary of State John Kerry and the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon. said. Might they be extended. It will not prevent the Israeli army to continue its operations behind its current positions, according to a U.S. official. Shortly before the entry into force of the ceasefire, the Israeli army announced the death of five soldiers killed Thursday evening by Palestinian shelling on the Israeli side of the border. And in the sector of Khan Yunis, to the South of the Gaza Strip, 14 Palestinians have been killed during the night, according to relief while the shelling of the Israeli army intensified also North of the enclave, in the area of Jabaliya, according to an AFP journalist. -Profound differences – this ceasefire is very important to give the innocent civilians a respite they need violence, said Mr Kerry, on a visit to New Delhi. The 1.8 million inhabitants of Gaza, for half of the minors, will receive the humanitarian aid they urgently and a respite to bury their dead, caring for the wounded and replenish food, he added. The ceasefire should also enable the two parties to initiate substantive negotiations, with the mediation of Egypt, addressing all disputes the statement from Washington and the United Nations. Palestinian and Israeli delegations were expected Friday morning in Cairo for talks involving the Government intended to seek a lasting ceasefire and Egyptian, according to the joint statement of the United Nations and Washington. But even if the truce would hold, the substantive differences are profound. In addition to the judgment of the Israeli strikes, Hamas demands a withdrawal of Israeli troops, as well as a lifting of the blockade that is choking the Palestinian enclave since 2006. If the protective border operation benefits from the overwhelming support of the Israeli population, it has caused the growing concern of the international community to the heavy toll paid by the people of Gaza. At least 242 children are among the dead, according to Unicef. This war is at least as deadly as cast lead (2008-2009) which was already supposed to put an end to the firing of rockets by Hamas. The people of Gaza, trapped by the bombing, is on the brink of failure, warned Pierre Krähenbühl, the patron of the UN Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) aid, which hosts 230. 000 refugees in extreme precariousness conditions in 85 centres in Gaza. The Israeli army’s losses are the heaviest since the war against Lebanese Hezbollah in 2006. And three civilians were killed by rockets, including about 3. 000 fired towards Israel, according to the army. . You should check this to read extra on this great matter.

François Hollande, new prince of compassion?

Once more in first line of communication on an event that moves the citizens, the President of the Republic almost reserved that on the Air Algeria crash in Mali. Probably by reflex to celebrate the national union, under the circumstances around this air disaster victims, while the country is plagued of concern and that street demonstrations come to reveal new divisions and dig up old demons. And this time to the point of putting the flags of the Republic in Bern – what is rare: the last time it was on the occasion of the death of Nelson Mandela. But this is its function well? Would it become the new prince of compassion? Barely initiated under François Mitterrand, developed with Jacques Chirac, amplified on Nicolas Sarkozy, this development found its fulfillment with François Holland. As if major sporting events (Tour de France the football World Cup), disasters or heinous crimes causing conjuratoires white markets were the only occasions to renew the social link. Failing investment and creative, useful and effective in the economy, the social, the cultural, remains to the political than the playful, the military and the compassionate to bring together citizens? In other words games and death. It is during a plane crash, and not automobile or railway that the president of the Republic has assigned this new role. Probably because the airplane is a more important social symbol. That which is heavier than air could fly is much more a feat than to drive cars or trains to the ground. With its banality the car accident is far from elicit a comparable emotion, even during transport of children in coach. The train derails sometimes (very rarely). Brétigny we all hit, but not to the point of putting the SNCF in Bern. Aviation that combines symbolic and imaginary modern forces is rare human activities which ties the intelligence, trade and virtue. Without virtue, air transport trade is impossible. In 2013, we saw 2368 deaths on the roads in France but none in airliner transport throughout Europe. The emotional test is therefore not the number of victims. What makes this episode an event is is a plane – rare crash if reported number of travelers in the world. The trauma comes from what the plane is the symbol of modern perfection. This is the fall not only what is heavier than air, but of the omnipotence of the demiurgic men. Each catastrophe, it searches the fault of God, or rather the deception of the devil. Need to find the villain who conspires, who is hiding and wants to hide the truth. With the first crash of an Airbus in Habsheim in 1988 was born the belief that political power had hidden the cause and that civil aviation agents had doctored order black boxes of the device to conceal his faults in order to defend the interests of the franco-German military-industrial trust. And with the crash of the Mont Sainte-Odile, the administration and met Airbus wanted to hide a defect in the aircraft or their share. The difficulty to find the Rio-Paris A447 engulfed in the Atlantic ocean with its black boxes still gave rise to suspicions inept and toxic. The disappearance of the Malaysian aircraft around the Indian ocean remains so incomprehensible that even the most serious experts eventually fantasize near scenarios than the James Bond. In short, the aircraft by its sublime perfection, invites to the unbridled fantasies as soon as the accident occurs. Should the President of the Republic Vienna put forward on this occasion? Politically, the temptation defends himself, but it is illusory as far from extinguishing fantasies permanently, it may encourage this unusual intervention. Support policy of this wave of emotion and compassion shared by all French relieve them a moment. But to the next drama, it will be more adequate. And it is not prudent for the head of State is put forward as a kind of national and universal attendant of the suffering of victims including the emotion will eventually submerge. One can only find meaning to what has not. The President wants to fill this hole of meaning created by the absurdity of death following a series of accidents. But it would be there in his role as head of State as if it were a proven attack, therefore an assault against the nation. Historically, it is the religious who is responsible to supervise and pay the tragic. Too engage in this way which is not his own, President risk to get lost and to jeopardize its function under a flood of emotions at the expense of the exercise of reason. Because emotion runs faster than the reason. Despite the complexity of the matter (aircraft built in the United States belonging to a charter company and chartered by Air Algeria, departing Burkina Faso and crashed in Mali), it is probably rather the role of BEA (bureau of inquiry and analysis), the specialized body decryptor of the black boxes and internationally recognized to be first in line for explanations. As well, in similar cases, the NTSB in the United States by the AIAB in Britain or the BFU in Germany. To avoid the credibility of the president of the Republic by its overexposure, it would be best that he leaves work specialists and then, once known the causes of this crash, it is him or rather the Prime Minister, or even the Minister of transport the discourse of political support required. But that’s all. That would be the wisdom. And that would be sufficient. . For more facts on this matter check home page.

“Positive for Fiat-Chrysler Italian industry”.

"It’s a change, which must be interpreted in a positive way. The Fiat-Chrysler deal outlines a prospect not only for the group, but for the whole Italian industry». Giuseppe Berta, an economic historian at Bocconi University and author of several books on the development and prospects of the industry, says the merger of Fiat and Chrysler in the Fca will now holding before the extraordinary meeting of the ingot.   «The country Italy is not conducive to the development of big business. To survive our manufacturing apparatus, at least in its major components, we must necessarily provide for its international projection, in the biggest industrial concentrations and with global scope. Moreover, what is happening today with Fiat-Chrysler is the completion of a trend that the same CEO Sergio Marchionne Group had already for some years referred to Italy: If we want to have a big industry we must reckon with the international context and its conditions».   How will run a group that in addition to the headquarters in the Netherlands and the UK tax will have an Italian identity but also American?   "There is a major global card, which you will certainly do. But I also see here an indication of more general trend for the future of Italian manufacture: the future, if you want to have it, must necessarily be in the high range, in most market high value added. Not surprisingly the most ambitious operation that Marchionne has launched in may, presenting the new group in Detroit, is relaunching the brand Alfa Romeo. If the Jeep brand is also produced in Italy and has a prospect of exports on the European market, especially the operation Alfa Romeo is even more comprehensive and more ambitious because it goes to challenge high market segments very well manned by major world manufacturers ‘.   "It is a general trend: we can and we must protect the higher segments of the market because in the present context is that we need to be there. We are doomed to export, because our domestic market has certainly not sized to support large groups, and to export quality must be right on point. But I see some encouraging moves in this direction. If we take just the Turinese reality Maserati’s investment in Grugliasco and the arrival on Mirafiori, go-not surprisingly-in an example like that of Pirelli plant in Settimo Torinese where it produces high-end tyres for luxury cars. "   «The point not reflected enough is that Italy, in order to maintain its industry, it must create the conditions for which it is convenient to keep productions here. And I speak not so much of the costs, because the capacity of the country and in particular of individual Territories to build and use skills. For example, to maintain a significant presence in the car system in Turin you need great attention to the quality of the Polytechnic and the supply industry. If these local production platforms operate investments coming from abroad: it is no coincidence the Gm Powertrain has long been a presence in Turin that has increased. But in fact are territorial systems that need Presidium and investments».   . Original data may be read clicking this