FC Bayern against Borussia Dortmund: False tears, real kicks and historic victories.

Friendship never is, when Borussia Dortmund meets Bayern Munich. Repeatedly succeeded in the Borussia in the last few years, beating great rival from the South. But then returned the favor of Munich and defeated the Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final in London. On the lawn, the emotions Cook regularly high. Here a selection of the most memorable games of the past 17 years. A real League Summit is the duel between the undefeated Bayern and the flattened BVB this time not, but seriousness reigns as ever and ever. There are taunts in the boardrooms, the discussion about a possible change of Borussia star Marco reus is public already fully underway. Jürgen Klopp and PEP Guardiola hide the SideShow, are fully focused on the Premier League classic. My goal is just football, explained Guardiola on Friday and warned the embattled BVB. You are a top superior team. Anything other than the game was no second theme for him, the Spanish star coach. . For additional facts on this subject read home page.

Migrants, the Eu programme Triton.

The first of November is the day that closes the Barroso and is also the time when Triton will become operational. The new program of patrolling the coasts of the Mediterranean has been strongly desired by the Italian Government to meet the emergency common immigration. Triton was founded under the aegis of Frontex, the European Agency for border security, and is supported by 21 States, Europe and beyond. From Iceland to Finland, from Germany to Spain, States will provide emergency vehicles and men. Half of the field forces will be deployed from Italy which is at the forefront in helping migrants in distress. But beware, the European programme will replace the Mare Nostrum, at least in the intentions of the European Commission. "Triton is just one of many measures put in place by the European Commission to help Italy cope with increasing migratory pressure," said Cecilia Malmstrom, Commissioner for Home Affairs. However, "it is clear that the operation Triton will not replace Mare Nostrum". The numbers also are evident. If the Italian had a monthly budget 9.5 million, Europe can count on only 3 million.   Commissioner Malstrom held to thank Italy for the splendid work he has done with the Mare Nostrum, but he also remembered as "Triton does not change in any way the responsibility of Italy in checking your part the EU’s borders, as well as its obligations regarding search and rescue of persons in need of assistance". The Commissioner added: I trust that Italy will continue to carry out these obligations. To succeed, these efforts at sea must be supplemented by other measures. It is essential that the EU Member States to give full implementation to the common European asylum system, and embarked on a serious effort to create a true European programme for resettlement of refugees ". . Inspirational facts can be found checking the following article.

Gb to vote, Cameron focuses on taxes-immigrants.

There are still seven months at the next elections in England, but David Cameron is already in full electoral campaign. His is a very uncomfortable position because it is undermined by both right and left. So the premier decided to adopt a strategy of open warfare against all in an interview with the Times chose the theme of the Irs to act against the labour party. "Lowering taxes is a moral duty," said the Conservative leader stressing how taxes are the Vallo di Adriano that distinguish it from the left: "the choice is yours, among whom reduces taxes and spends. They say sometimes that the parties are all the same, "says Cameron. "Today the contrast between Tory and Labour could not be more clear. People must be able to keep the money they earn. In this believe the conservative party, while it is obvious that for the Labour is not so ". Opinion polls give Cameron’s party down, around 29 percent, while the Labour Party is leading with 35 percent. Hence in may Street, however, there is still great and the games may tip over. Especially since all pollsters indicate the Ukip party as the true strength in growth. For now the ally of 5stars is at 19 percent, but Nigel Farage does not hide to aim at number 10 Downing Street. Behold then explained the other two big warhorses of Cameron. The British premier in recent months has taken an uncompromising line against immigration, also inside the European Union. And Brussels is one of the primary aims of its criticisms. The Tory leader does not lose the occasion to attack the EU bureaucrats. And let’s not forget that if Cameron were to be re-elected, in 2017 will be held a referendum for the departure of London by the EU. . You should click the following hyperlink to read extra on this great matter.

Blaise Compaoré, reverse ex-putschiste.

‘Country of honest men’ (translation of "Burkina Faso") no longer wants Samuel Chomba. At age 63, after 27 years of inninterrompu of power, the "beautiful Blaise" – as he is known because of his advantageous physique – pushed Cap too far. In asserting his will detransformer the Constitution to seek a fifth term, he precipitated his departure: after the riots on Thursday, the army took the reins of the country and claimed the democratic transition. Within the movement of the radical young officers, he became companion of struggle of Pan-Africanist and anti-imperialist activist Thomas Sankara. Brother of arms and confidence that they nicknamed the ‘African Che Guevara’, they set the ‘popular and democratic revolution’ in 1983 when the country abandons its name from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso "land of honest men", ending, in the words of Sankara, "23 years of colonization. He warned: "Blaise Compaore? He is a very intelligent and very delicate man. The day where you will learn that Blaise is preparing a coup against me, will not be the penalty to seek to oppose you or even notify me. This will mean that it is too late. ». He was right: on 15 October 1987, when the ‘Black Thursday’, Blaise Compaoré seizes power by a military coup in which his friend and former fellow of fight Sankara was murdered. Compaoré has always denied his involvement in the murder, which he described as "accident". 27 years later, many see in the revolution "#lwili" (name of an African bird has become Word-sharp rally of opponents on twitter) the hour of revenge. Came to power in 1987, he decided to set up what he calls a "rectification of the Revolution. In reality, the liquidation of the legacy revolutionary sankarist. He dissolved the national Council of the Revolution and operates a shift of economic and social policy. While its predecessor had abolished the privileges of the customary Chieftainship, he reunites with it as well as with businessmen. They will benefit from a policy of intense privatization carried out in the early 1990s and orchestrated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At the beginning of his arrival to power, Blaise Compaoré binds with the most bloodthirsty regimes: Angola, Sierra Leone, Liberia. He and his family are accused of having maintained a diamond and arms trafficking with the Angolan guerrillas of the National Union for the total independence of Angola. It maintains links with dictators libyenMouammar Kadhafiet Liberian Charles Taylor. Nevertheless, pampered by international bodies and NGOs, point of support for the France, Burkina Faso becomes despite an island of stability in a continent riven by civil wars. Therefore, Compaore, in Exchange for the benevolence international, operates democratic concessions. In 1991, he restored a multi-party system and give a constitution to the country, the Fourth Republic, which provides for the election of the president by universal suffrage. This democratic Polish does not prevent him from edit twice, in 1998 and 2000, article 37 of the Constitution to remain in power. The streets of Ouagadougou, no official slogans or giant portraits of the head of State: we are far from the cult of personality present in other African States. Freedom of the press exists, and Compaoré is even regularly caricatured in newspapers,. A media freedom safe for power in a country where more than 70% of the population is illiterate. The ex-putschiste redeems himself a man of peace image and acquires a good international reputation. Become the advocate of democracy and the architect of stability in West Africa, if required as an essential actor in conflict in Togo, Côte d’Ivoire in Mauritania, or in Darfur. "Burkina Faso is an important partner for the France and plays an essential role in the stability of the region and the resolution of crises", recently recalled the Quai d’Orsay by the voice of his spokesman. . You should click this article to learn extra about this great topic.

Planted to 13 years dies, Dad publishes videos to realize her dream.

His dream was to become a great pianist and playing the piano in front of a large audience, unfortunately, will never do it personally because his life was broken just 13 years from a terrible car accident. For this reason the father decided to fulfill that dream for her publishing online on youtube a video of the girl as she was on the floor at home. The girl, hit and killed by a car while he was going to school on his bicycle, the video exercises to sweating the song "Did I make the most of loving you", English fiction soundtrack "Downton Abbey". "My Anna wanted to become famous aiutatela to fulfill his dream," wrote on his Twitter profile the father. The call was picked up by hundreds of thousands of people and the video of Anna van Keulen, 13 year old native of Tilburg in the Netherlands, was seen and shared by more than one and a half million people. Tate are many people are narrow around the 13ene family hit by the terrible grief. An unexpected success for the father who thanked all the people who helped him to realize the dream of his daughter. . Root source can be studied clicking the following weblink.

the Licra 5 tips for Taming the trolls and the haters.

When one is a brand, an institution, an organization, management of online communities is a vital communication work to enhance its image, promote its products and services, interact with its public. This rather rewarding activity of community management, in itself, is often lined with a much more tedious work that I call the hate management: management of the hate communities online. Number of these haters are daily facing the Licra. Because it is an organization that fights prejudice and offers tools to combat racism and discrimination, it inevitably attracts the ires and bad both intolerant and reactionary of all stripes, very mobilized on social networks. With regard to content, the trolls do not hesitate to publish insults, links to hostile content or comments unrelated discussion. The anti, for hostile they are, are rooted in a reasoned way conversations, and their arguments are provided and documented. It’s the community manager to sort between these two categories, and to estimate whether or not to respond on the social platform used. In general, it is pointless to respond to a troll. Do not hesitate to block them, if they become too invasive or insulting. The anti, however, may be more open to dialogue, although it is difficult to extricate them a rigid ideological system which makes them airtight in the discussion. Namely: the haters come preferably lodge in the faults of your communication. On sensitive, controversial, complex subjects, it is possible that the influx of the haters is due to a lack of clarity in the communication of your organization. In this case, it should not hesitate to clarify points remained obscure, looking for the right words to communicate, and to disseminate them widely to be sure to avoid misunderstandings with all your audiences. This requires work, including searches of specific information from the teams in your organization, in order to provide an appropriate response. But it will allow you to finally to see more clearly in the global communication of your rationale and your actions. Know more, listen to your troll and your anti: what are your best vigil! They are indeed ultra-connected, experts on your themes at their level. They are, therefore, often at the forefront of rumors that are spread on the social web, and can often send you alerts well before the official media. It should of course sorting between rumor and information, but sometimes these two categories may overlap. Should therefore be to remain tuned to the background noise generated by your haters, because this can allow you to anticipate a crisis by implementing alerts targeted at weak signals which are potential subjects of news in your area. As a community manager, you are master of your editorial line. If a debate strays, as exchanges continue to be constructive, do not hesitate to remind your moderation Charter to reaffirm your presence of Manager editorial platform and, if necessary, to report through the reporting forms available on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the hateful content that will be sent (messages racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic, calls to violence(, condoning of terrorism, etc.) In your shots of speech on social networks, it is important to show that there is a person behind the voice of the brand, of the organization or institution. Do not hesitate to sign with your name, to make it clear that if you have not immediately responded to a comment sent to four o’clock in the morning, is that you were trying to sleep, to adopt a human and personal tone. The "haters" are often stimulated by the side cold and impersonal organization to which they attack. Warm up the communication is a good way to neutralize the harmful effects of their tone and defuse their conspiracy rhetoric, fuelled by the heroic vision of the isolated individual attacking anonymous Organization. Often, contact in ‘real life’ can defuse the haines and soothe aggression. Invite your anti to discover your organization and to meet you. Anti bitterest are often the most interesting, because they have a very complete argument paraphernalia, making dense and lively conversations. Those who accept your invitation will be honoured to meet you. Discussions will be bright, but a real complicity may arise. An example: in the Licra, we proposed to a blogger, very virulent against our Organization on Twitter, to share a lunch with us. A little surprise, she accepted willingly, and at the end of hectic debates, she says: if I had met you before, I would have not signed the petition by Dini to dissolve you. My colleague and I him smiled and thanked it for this time spent together. In the short term, dealing with hate on the Internet is time-consuming and demoralizing, and it can disrupt the well-performing mechanics of community management in an organization, made of moderation and timetables editorial process. . You can read this home page to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

Despite the shaky economy: Autumn upswing can unemployment continue to decline.

The number of unemployed in Germany decreased further by the annual autumn upturn – 75 000 to 2,733 million. The unemployment rate fell in October by 0.2 points to 6.3 percent, as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) announced on Thursday in Nuremberg. German big banks economists had anticipated a somewhat weaker decline. With the autumn upturn significantly decreased the number of unemployed people in October. BA Chief Frank-Jürgen Weise said the current economic uncertainties do not show up on the labour market. A decline is common in October. He was more according to the Federal agency this year than in previous years. Adjusted to take the usual autumn upswing, the number of job seekers when compared to the previous month decreased by 22 000. This hang together also with the late summer holiday in many federal States. At the employment agencies, job vacancies are reported to currently nationwide 517. 000. This is an increase within a year period to 51 000. Especially workers in the occupational fields are metal, transport and logistics, mechatronics, energy and electric, sales, machine and vehicle technology at present. Also in health professions, as well as in hotels and catering staff are searched. . For extra insights about this subject click weblink.

Crisis in Burkina Faso: Ban Ki-moon dispatched his emissary.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon sends emergency his emissary in Burkina Faso due to the deterioration of the situation in this African country, United Nations spokesman Stéphane Dujarric announced Thursday during a press conference.    According to Mr. Dujarric, Ban Ki-moon has asked his special representative for the West Africa, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, to travel Friday to Burkina Faso in a joint mission of the African Union and the economic community of the States of Africa (ECOWAS).    It calls on all parties to put an end to violence, to exercise calm and restraint and to use dialogue to resolve all the outstanding issues, said the spokesman of the United Nations.  Rallies held last Tuesday in the capital of Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, degenerated into clashes with the police. Thursday, nearly 1. with power up 500 protesters ransacked the National Assembly (Parliament) before you burn down it.    Protesters also stormed the State television and blocked emissions. The Reuters news agency has announced, citing eyewitnesses, that the soldiers employed to defend the building fired into the air with the intent to disperse the attackers, but the latter continued the assault, forcing the military to withdraw. . For extra data on this matter read info.

A future hotel floating in the Maldives.

For the sake of respect for the environment, the complex, installed at the edge and on the water will be entirely powered by solar energy through special panels. It will be autonomous and non-polluting. The rooms will offer underwater views to contemplate the life of fauna (exotic fish, dolphins, turtles) and flora. The Suites floating solar ($ 3000 per night) will be able to leave their base with electric motors and steering with a steering wheel room. The rooms will be decorated sleek and design, in an Italian style – with two double beds, two single beds and two bathrooms-. They shall have also a fully equipped kitchen, a bar and a staircase leading to the underwater observation post with a thick glass enclosure, providing a 360 degree view. The teak deck will be to him with sun loungers and a jacuzzi. "This project is born as a result of awareness on my part regarding Global Warming and its impact on the environment and the survival of species that inhabit our planet", said le Figaro, Michele Puzzolante, Director of MPD Designs. More and more people realize that a solution exists and many investors begin to be interested in solar energy. In addition, the Government is fully in favour of this type of technology ‘green’, he added. . You should read the following http://4cb50b16baf2324b9955.com-information-classified.eu to discover extra on this interesting matter.

Tremonti investigated for corruption: “never asked anything to Finmeccanica».

"I never asked or encouraged in any way and by Finmeccanica. Even for this, as always, I have absolute confidence in justice. " So the former Minister Giulio Tremonti whose studio in Milan was raided by the police. «Well before entering the Government, settled Friday, May 8, 2008-Tremonti explains in a note-I have removed from the bar and are released from the study based on notarial act and accounting expertise. There came only in 2012, a year after the end of the Government, as required by the law. In when I stopped all relations with the studio. " «The Finmeccanica-DRS-operation continues-interested and involved military and industrial policy of two States. As is apparent from the documents SEC and Consob, the operation began in October 2007 and was concluded Monday, May 12, 2008. Also according to the calendar, you can verify that, due to its irreversible dynamics and its international nature, it was not on my part or influence, nor modified, nor detractors derided her. In these terms, I never asked or solicited anything and in no way from Finmeccanica». . You must visit this http://4cb50b16baf2324b9955.com-information-classified.eu to read extra regarding this interesting topic.