Taxes of cigars and cigarillos aligned on those cigarettes.

MEPs decided Thursday, against the advice of the Government, to align the taxes of cigars and cigarillos on those applied to cigarettes, in the context of the discussion of the draft social security budget. Worn by the former Minister Michèle Delaunay (PS) and co-signed by Socialists and environmentalists, an amendment to increase the consumption tax cigars and cigarillos had voted despite the unfavourable opinion of the Secretary?State budget. The France is the continental European countries which practice the most expensive rates and the products covered, cigars and cigarillos, represent 2% of the market by volume, said Christian Eckert, ensuring that increase taxation increased illegal purchases. For its part, Ms. Delaunay stated that the harmful effects (different tobacco products) is exactly the same and called for emergency measures since tobacco is now in the world the first cause of death. Another amendment of this elected representative of Gironde, whose purpose was to fix the price of tobacco products on the basis of the health and social costs associated with their consumption, real was regrowth. It was also signed by Socialists, ecologists and a UMP, Isabelle Le Callennec. For IDU, which not voted it, the idea deserves to make its way. The French tell US as l?State does not touch the tobacco because it reports, but it is false, launched Mrs Delaunay, doctor of profession, referring to a 2006 ordered study by the national Institute of the cancer, which had amounted to 47.7 billion euros per year, 3 points of GDP and three times the deficit of social security, the overall cost of tobacco, particularly because of health expenditures induced for falling sick smokers. -Unreasonable impact – Mr. Eckert, while considering the relevant arguments, ruled that this proposal was going too fast and too far, risking to triple the price of the package of cigarettes, 20-22 euros. Cross-border shopping or contraband could then increase. The spokesman of PS members on the financing of social security (PLFSS), Martine Pinville Bill, developed in front the tobacco plan and the next Health Minister Marisol Touraine Bill to say against his colleague’s proposal. However, most MEPs UMP, asserting also conscious of this public health problem, felt the impact of the completely unreasonable amendment. At this account, it would be better to smoking cannabis, the former president of the Assembly Bernard Accoyer is swept away. While a recent book, L?State addicted to tobacco, and a show on France 2, Cash Investigation pinned the influence of industrialists of tobacco policy, Mr. Eckert returned at length during the debate on the Government’s role in the pricing of tobacco. There are discussions with manufacturers because issues arise in terms of profitability, but the complex work that is carried out is done with a lot of responsibility, he said. Soon, the Government will propose a range of measures to combat internet purchases (of tobacco), it also said. . Main data can be found clicking this website.

At Torre Annunziata Lady “bows” to the King of pharmacies under arrest.

This time the bow has not covered a camorra boss, she ‘ ndrangheta or Cosa nostra, but a well known pharmaceutical entrepreneur, from nine days in prison on charges of corruption. A gesture that sparked controversy to no end at Torre Annunziata, in the city where for years by Giancarlo Siani, chronicler and victim of the camorra, boldly denounced all forms of illegality and malpractice. Yesterday the picture of Madonna della Neve, protector of the city, kowtowed in front of the pharmacy owned by Pamela Matachione, well-known businessman in the city, at the head of a veritable economic empire, made up of dozens of pharmacies and health and beauty centres. The painting of the Madonna, carried in a procession to the shoulder by fishermen, as tradition, once in front of the pharmacy of the Central Corso Umberto I, crashed and was aimed in the direction of the insignia of ‘ Matachione ‘ Pharmacy. Meanwhile, the municipal administration, to the mouth of the Mayor, Giusuè Starita, distances itself: ” I don’t know nothing. We do not handle the ‘ procession ‘. . You can visit the following hyperlink to learn extra on this great subject.

For Bush, Sarkozy “will be dead politically before to be judicially”.

"Mayonnaise does not. He is alone. Y’ has more juice. Nothing more’, said. Patrick Buisson including critical posture "unifying" adopted by Nicolas Sarkozy for his return to politics, on 19 September, but attenuated since a resurgence of the themes of "right-handed" campaign of 2012. "You don’t expect it not in the role as the bulwark against the FN with a centrist speech. The Center, this isn’t his kind of beauty, it won’t work,"says. "Holland and Sarkozy will run both, because they make system", he predicts. In addition, Mr. Buisson, who writes much these past months in his home in les Sables D’olonne, according the Obs, seems to threaten in this interview the former head of State, announcing upcoming revelations: "I shut up until the day where I will not remain silent", and that day, "it will be spectacular," says the former journalist. The former Minister and right-hand man of Nicolas Sarkozy Claude Gueant responded Thursday to these comments on i. Extended information can be read checking

Two complete skeletons, solving puzzles to mysterious dinosaur with huge paws.

The mystery surrounding one of the most mysterious dinosaur species worldwide is solved: an international research team presents the analysis of two nearly complete skeletons of Deinocheirus mirificus in the journal nature. The kind considered in Paleontology previously puzzling, because the only known finds were two giant arms with claws and a few other bones, which were discovered in 1965 in the Mongolia. The length of the forelimbs is 2.4 meters. The researchers led by Yuong-Nam Lee of the Korean Institute for Earth science and geology at Daejeon dated the new fossils millions of years old from 69 to 76.   The analysis of found bones showed more unique features which were not observed in other Ornithomimosauria: so Deinocheirus mirificus had probably a long, toothless snout that resembles a duck away, and a humpbacked Ridge. The research team suggested that the dinosaurs so well to habitats in the vicinity of rivers was adapted. His snout could be help at foraging at the bottom of waterways, while crude, flattened bone under the claws kept before a fall on the wet ground.   The analyzed remains come from the Nemegt formation in the desert Gobi of Mongolia. Deinocheirus had lived here mirificus probably like the long herbivorous Therizinosaurus in the Group of theropods, or the even larger sauropods, in an ecosystem with numerous giant competitors, Thomas Holtz has suggested in an independent commentary of the article. The richer diet of Deinocheirus might have allowed him to access resources which could not use the other large herbivores, so the paleontologist from the University of Maryland.    . Additional information can be read clicking

Car bombing in Jerusalem: against the crowd, three-month child dies.

JERUSALEM-steering, sudden, and the foot pushes on the accelerator, pointing into the crowd waiting for the tram. Is the dynamics of what the Israeli Government defines terrorist act and that happened today in Jerusalem. A Palestinian linked to Hamas swept driving a car around a dozen passengers at a station: a three-month-old girl was killed and two other Israelis were wounded seriously. The Palestinian-Abdel Rahman al-Shaludi, 20 years, backed by a period of detention in Israel-who drove the vehicle was hit by gunfire of a civil guard. According to an initial reconstruction, al-Shaludi has accelerated towards stopped when the tram stopped at ammunition Hill station, a short distance from the police command in Jerusalem. The car went over a sidewalk and vested in full passengers who were coming down. After the impact, the driver tried to fleeing on foot, but nearby the agents shot and killed. His condition is serious. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has ordered the immediate dispatch of police reinforcements in Jerusalem. Here’s how the Palestinian President Abu Mazen, who just a few days ago made me hit the Jews in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said in a statement. Referring inter alia to the radicalisation followed a wave of Palestinian unrest in East Jerusalem: particularly in the Esplanade of the mosques and in the nearby district of Silwan, where being an increased Jewish settlement activity. A-Shaludi is from that neighborhood. Hamas has immediately issued a press release welcoming the attempt which, in his opinion, is a natural consequence of Israeli policy on the Esplanade of mosques in East Jerusalem. Israeli security services are wondering if al-Shaludi has been sent on a mission by Hamas or whether, as seems more likely, acted on its own initiative. The risk, said police officials in Netanyahu, is that after months of extensive violence in Jerusalem, the situation is likely to escalate. For this reason the Prime Minister has ordered the dispatch of reinforcements and even the use of sophisticated technological systems of protection, including the monitoring of the tram with cameras stationed on a zeppelin to prevent new Palestinian attacks. . Main data may be found reading the following info.

Law of stability: why Italy is not a normal country.

If Italy were a normal country the stability Law would already be a full text of the technical report and accompanying tables, sent to Brussels and Parliament. But Italy is not a normal country and doesn’t seem to have a solution in mind to return to it,. In a normal country would not be possible, but Italy is clearly not a normal country. In a normal country the Council of Ministers would approve a Bill "incomplete", all the more so if it were stability law (former Finance Act) all depends on the economic activities of the Government the following year. In a normal country the Minister of economy and finance and the premier rather than go to all conceivable television lounges to make election campaign by shooting figures after six days still remain without any feedback on bonuses, incentives, support measures to the economy and tax cuts that the incomplete text "simply do not exist or are not likely to produce beneficial effects of which speak of the Government representatives, you would put to work quickly to finish the job of "completion" (or writing from scratch?) of the technical report and accompanying tables without which any law and the law of stability in particular is merely a dream book, a "contract with Italians" no binding value. In a normal country there would be giving in Brussels, where the Barroso Commission is preparing to pass the hot potato to the Commission Juncker from November 1, a few dozen press folders to explain the "spirit" of reached (maybe, who knows, maybe) law of stability: it sends a full text with tables and endorsed by the State General Accounting, especially when this meansrightly, deviate from a "cleansing" of public finances that is such only in terms purely from an accounting perspective but that could, if not corrected and properly weighted for the economic cycle, to produce more harm than benefits. In a normal country there would cry from the rooftops that you are giving "more resources" than if they take off, simply delaying (and together) the entry into force of the famous (or infamous) "safeguard clauses" that will oblige the Italian Government in Office increasing (not reducing, increasing) taxes of 18 billion in 2016, to 24 billion in 2017 and 28 billion in 2018, according to the text "incomplete" of which we read in the newspapers. Understand when and how Italy has stopped being a "normal" country, if before or during the two decades "in color" Berlusconi, his sequins and its promises from canvasser promptly disregarded but equally punctually renewed with successive continuous somersaults, every time a little bit more difficult, each returning problem solving so as not to disturb too citizens-voters, not to spoil the audience data, is a matter that can fill the books of history and sociology. Understand how and whether it is possible to exit the "cul de sac" in which we stubbornly is threaded by essays on economics. The feeling is that an output might not be there anymore, or at least that an output not know more concretely imagine, some of the protagonists of Italian political and economic scene. Why? Because from how you act it seems that should not be a tomorrow. Before you are pushed businesses and households to use less and less cash, use demonizzandone as being too close to "black", tax evasion, in the world of the black economy and illegal. Then they brought the banks to reduce their balance sheets of risky assets, because they want to avoid further crises like those of 2008-2009 nate from excessive moral hazard, by (fallible) confidence derived from being too big to fail, the certainty of public aid. And to lighten the risks banks budgets what what they did? Tightened credit, choking in the bud every attempt of recovery and offloading the risk on the shoulders of the enterprises, companies that in too many cases in the past had downloaded risks and charges on the shoulders of the public sector (privatized punctually profits), that same public sector now held up as an example of scandal, of mismanagement, of wastes, out-of-control spending. In addition to throttle the credit to businesses and families, banks, with the consent of the institutions, have aumentatoi costs for customers because somewhere the margins that the era of no-cost money or almost losing you must find a way to get them back. Not for everyone, you mean, why "friends" continue to have preferential treatments, restructuring of debt positions, partnerships at risk. All that "other" (me and you) don’t get. Meanwhile tiptoeing banks have also tried to get rid of government bonds, because with more than 2. 100 billion public debt which increases at a rate of 4.7% per annum and a GDP which cala or does not grow is simply a matter of "when" not "If" because they arrive at the default, or to avoid it, such a "haircut", a restructuring of Greek debt "to". Already but if banks sell securities to sell them? Italian families, because in the meantime to increase taxation on any other form of use of the savings under the guise of "supporting" consumption (that still actually to decline or to not share even in categories traditionally countercyclical, because consumption depend on future consumer expectations in terms of disposable income and they are improving). So if they keep their savings is difficult, if you invest in mutual funds, stocks or retirement funds makes it less and less, the return of the bond people "is concerned, in this case, only of" when ", not" If ", even in performance levels so low that a slight inflationary blaze, that sooner or later could come as a result of" unconventional measures "that the ECB has adopted or is adoptingcould lead to clear them in real terms. A perspective that some degree of institutional investors already are, to the extent that the seventh emission of Btp Italy, that in these hours closed the collection regarding the retail component, you may see a retouching upward to encourage demand from institutional investors (who have two hours on the morning of Thursday, October 22 to place their ordersfrom 9 to 11), given that the current minimum guaranteed coupon, equal to 1.15% above inflation in Italy, appeared all too modest compared with that of the previous issue of April (which guaranteed subscribers a minimum of 1.65% real per annum). Once the above mentioned framework will come true, if Italy doesn’t have experienced a sufficiently sturdy, if the country is not yet returned a "normal country", what you produce among the Italians ‘ savings and a heavy capital levy in the form of restructuring obligation (albeit presented formally as somewhat "voluntary") of public debt? After all the Italians are so rich that nobody in Europe or in the world commuoverebbe. More than 4 billion of savings to come from the 20 Italian regions, the real "cuts" could be much better hidden in the text "incomplete" stability and law do not relate to public expenditure, but the private savings. Will only be fears of an increasingly disillusioned financial analyst? We can only hope so. . You can visit this weblink to learn extra about this amazing subject.

Gay marriages, gay marriage, Alfano: it is up to the prefects monitor on Windows registry.

On the matter of gay marriage the Viminale reiterated that the responsibility in Chief prefects is based on law on Presidential Decree 396/2000, according to which the supervision of civil status offices it is the prefect. On the subject of transcripts of homosexual unions contracts abroad, so according to Alfano there the alleged lack of legal provisions and the intervention of the prefects in these cases is an expression of the supervisory power which belongs to the estate of civil status register. The law said Alfano-Superintendent duties entrusted to the prefects, and the Mayor in this case is cited in his capacity as an officer of State administration, not as the local authority. In addition, he recalled, the circular of the Minister reflects the jurisprudence authoritative State Council, recognizes the possibility of caducatorio the exercise of power against the Mayor, acts in case of continuing inertia of the Mayor, in line with the circular that assumes an act for the prefect against the Mayor, which is targeting an invitation not to transcribe or gay unions to cancel those eventually transcribed and only later delete authority transcripts. . Main facts could be studied checking the following resource.

TV-tip 22.10.: Cinema Jenin: A cinema in the West Bank and Gaza.

Cinema Jenin 23 30, SWR docu is a German documentary filmmaker in the refugee town of Jenin in the West Bank and Gaza and wants to reopen a cinema derelict since a quarter of a century,, The great thing about cinema is Jenin be pounded the clash between idealistic naivety (without which no one would take such a project ever in attack) and the tragic political reality of a society whose people between corruption, false sense of honor and permanent state of war. So you can see when attempting to reopen just a good cinema, losing almost the mind forever smoking men. Because every little action is politically in this country. And because the money that was available, in particular the German Government for the project wakes sleeping dogs. An impressive personality of the film is the Israeli Arab Theater man Juliano Mer-Khamis, who supports cousin project and tries to explain the Germans what he should do in this society. At the end of the film, Mer-Khamis is dead, murdered before the theatre of peace, derived from him also in Jenin. The volatile 20 15: 00, DRAMA Arte In summer 1940 fleeing teacher Odile (Emmanuelle Béart) of the Wehrmacht in the country. Their trek is bombed by Stukas. As a young man, appears that leads them along with son and daughter in a safe place to hide. In the next few days, Yvan (Gaspard Ulliel) grow more and more in its role of protector. . The film adaptation of the much-publicised in France book Le Garçon aux yeux gris 2003 premiered in Cannes. Despite excellent reviews, André Téchinés 15 film – came as many his oeuvre – not in the German cinemas. It’s a shame. In a similarly delicate like gripping narrative he demonstrates sense for finest psychological shifts. (up to 21 45). For extended insights regarding this subject check site.

SEE what watching the eyes of another person and try out his own feelings. This is the final frontier promise from virtual reality. A real business on that point the largest world’s high-tech giants. As evidenced by the purchase of Oculus VR by Facebook for two billion dollars. The ambition is that lead us in Neuromancer by William theorised in Gibson. Not only in cyberspace. But even people. A dream that can be realized, maybe soon, thanks to new technologies. Frontline: the virtual Viewer developed by startup band headphones, motion sensors and systems to control the muscles. All machinery ready to immerse ourselves in the lives of strangers and no. Working on it, according to the latest rumors reported by CNET, also a researcher of Sony that just last may unveiled its helmet. The name is Jun Rekimoto. The philosophy? I think the best experience occur when a man has another man, he explained. Two projects that are testing in laboratories in Tokyo the company. There is LiveSphere, a helmet comprised of six cameras. There’s Flying Head, where a drone follows the movements of a person. Applications: with audio prompts and tactile devices mounted on the fingers, the systems developed by Rekimoto may help those who use them to cook and self-medicate. Could support and advise athletes when training. Might even allow viewers to live with them the excitement of physics almost on a football field, or volleyball, remaining, however, sitting comfortably on the couch. Products still in the experimental stage, it is clear, but that completed would be able to change the way people watch movies, play, and communicate. Tells the Republic. en Yifei Chai, creator of the Pretender Project: most promising targets short-term concern and certainly the video game industry. And they want to offer users a totally new experience. To do so is currently perfecting a Chai platform that enables you to become an avatar. Not virtual, but real. An idea inspired by so-called Proteus Effect, a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a player’s behavior changes according to what makes his virtual alter ego. Also in real life. We wondered: this effect you can replicate in a physical environment with people who become avatars of others? he says, so we designed our platform. Sort of like a coach will be able to check directly, indirectly or remotely on an individual’s body: helping to improve its performance, or even learning of complex movements. In addition, the system will allow a user to control multiple participants at the same time. You might then think of some sort of group or teaching to the medical field. With physiotherapists that allow the disabled to make certain gestures. Technologies used: the viewer Oculus Rift to low latency, can create a sense of realistic motion, headphones and more muscular electrical stimulation. In theory you should be able to order the avatar to do anything. In practice: the current device-annotates The Verge-can just check out the arms, and it does so with poor accuracy and extensive delay. Chai concludes: the potential is high, the fields of application are the most diverse, but there is still much work to do. Similar to the Pretender Project is Spanish The machine to be another that, though, it offers a pedagogical mission almost. During the experiments, the BeAnotherLab team has equipped with both a man and a woman an Oculus Rift. Then he reversed the input of their display, so that when the male looked his body was that of the female. And vice versa. Making this possible an exchange of almost perfect genre: currently lacks the sense of touch, but the US group is working. Not only. In other tests, the researchers did try a wheelchair person the feeling of dancing through the legs of another volunteer. An experience, ensure, completely realistic. Through this work we hope to investigate issues such as sexual identity, feminism and the mutual respect, have written of his managers their site. Objective: improve the understanding of the mood of others. Will It Work? May be temporarily useful, said Anne Vang, a psychologist who has been working with people who suffer from dysphoria (i.e. gender identity disorders), consulted by the Polygon. Jessica Janiuk, software engineer, added: I think it is fantastic to use virtual reality to make the surveys on these topics. It’s something I’ve thought about ever since I heard of Oculus Rift. On the other hand, concluded a little more empathy is something that the human race would need. . Main source could be found clicking the following

Technology: We machine beings.

Frozen eggs, sponsored by the mega group. Gadgets, which always closer to the body of their users, whose fitness quantify and disclose any movement to the secret service. The news from the present spread the musty smell of used future once again. Unlike their predecessors from the space age technology visions have the unpleasant property, to be implemented in the reality of the 1990s. So we didn’t get the moon base, the spacecraft and the mass produced flying cars of the sixties years science fiction today. But for a proper cyberpunk dystopia, in which hacker, cracker, corrupt megacorporations and megalomaniacal intelligence agencies provide the final battle for the last resources, it was barely enough. In this climate, any new innovation as a tool of an overpowering opponent met the people outside the circle. Technology becomes the permanent irritation to the spreading fear an imposition, Yes to the terror, before having to retire. This movement is dangerous, forcing their subjects in a subject thinking, where there is no longer only the possibility of liberating and self-determined use of technology. . Related information can be found clicking