Telecom Argentina to the Fintech for 960 million. Over 600 million in collateral.

Almost A year after submission of tenders by Fintech and two months later than the deadline, Telecom has accepted the proposal of the Mexican Fund for Telecom Argentina. That will be sold for a price that remains unchanged to 960 million dollars, but under an agreement that provides more protections to the group led by Marco Patuano.  Fintech’s commitment will be "secured by a pledge of a title collateral valued at 600.6 million dollars".  Namely that the telecoms group will issue a bond to that figure and the bottom of David Martìnez the sign to make a pledge in favour of the same Telecom International and the parent company. Not only that: a criminal check by 175 million dollars that Telecom receives in the case, after 30 months, the deal either fades out.  The statement reads that the transfer should occur within the next two and a half years. " Meanwhile, by the end of October, a 17% stake in Sofora Telecomunicaciones (Telecom subsidiary that has a majority of belly argentina) will be transferred to Fintech to 215.7 million.  With the changes of the agreement of November 2013 contained in the agreement signed Friday, the sale of the share is conditioned to the approval by the Secretaría de comunicaciones (argentina), the regulatory authority in the field.  The majority of the members of the Board of Directors of Sofora will continue to be appointed by Telecom until argentine regulatory authorities have given the ok and the sale will go to port. Of 960 million dollars agreed to sell operations in Argentina, Telecom has already cashed 113.7, partly for the assets in the portfolio of the subsidiary Tierra Argentea and partly as amounts allocated by Sofora distribution as dividend. More 550.6 million, explains the Group’s note, will be paid to the 51% of Sofora. Remain out 80 million which will be paid "in the face of further agreements" including "an agreement for the provision of Telecom Argentina group company of technical services for three years, and the waiver or change membership by Telecom of certain rights arising from shareholders ‘ agreement with the group" Verthein, minority shareholder. Apart from extreme cases covered by criminal law, no other warranties are provided for any stretch of time. If the sale of 51% of Fintech Sofora is not concluded within 2 and a half years, in fact, Telecom may withdraw from the agreement and will have six months to redeem the minority stake of 17% already sold. If you would still sell the controlling stake could do it by finding a third buyer, with a guarantee of a minimum consideration Fintech of 630.6 million. If the price was higher, the differential will be divided between Telecom and the Martinez established according to a formula. . You can visit the following to learn extra about this amazing matter.

Bundesliga: Bremen loses also against Cologne.

Werder plays on Saturday mornings (25 10 14) Dutt led at least the expiry, on Tuesday in the DFB-Pokal in the 2nd round of the third-division club Chemnitzer FC. In the wake of the 0:1 (0:0) defeat against the 1 FC Cologne on Friday night, the leave of absence of the coach was at least as likely, after the match against the newly promoted to the final had declared Eichin sports Chief and also Dutt himself said that was not an alternative to a victory. It is important to remain calm and to analyse the situation, said Eichin for the TV channel Sky. I assume that Robin Dutt against Chemnitz is sitting on the bench. However, Eichin announced an analysis together with the trainer. Dutt himself was pragmatic: nothing more is known than that I’m sitting on the bench on Tuesday. Why should I not go out? Bremen is after nine games, still without a win in the Bundesliga this season. . For more facts about this subject read

Jobs act, Cgil in Rome. Camusso: «Strike? We will use all forms necessary. ‘

Cgil in Rome to protest mad in particular against the Jobs act of Government Radio, with an event that calls for "work, dignity, equality". At the helm of the parade the Secretary Susanna Camusso, below a banner calling for "work dignity and equality. To change Italy. " The Secretary with a tweet wished a Good 25 October to all», and reporters explained that the Cgil is ready to use "all necessary forms» in support of their demands, including the general strike. "We will continue our initiative-said answering a question-with all the forms necessary. ‘ Landini (Fiom): Government should know that we do not stop "the Government should know that there fermiano. From here we will go to the general strike, if needed, and even beyond the general strike ". At the edge of the parade, the leader of the Fiom Maurizio Landini said sure an upcoming General abstention from work. "It is only the beginning-adds-we are a road and a change. Today speaks to the whole country and says that those who work and who needs work does not agree with the policies of this Government. " The signs of individual protesters against Renzi Between Union and flags of different parties the signs, made by individual protesters, against premier Matteo Renzi. "Renzusconi I am I and you are not a c. , "this is what it says on the sign of an elder."Thanks for the outlet Radio ‘ work "reads the banner of two boys, who represents a man who vomits. "The law of stability of Renzi cuts 100 mln loss ofautonomy bottomed, this is pure meanness", the message of another cartel. Too many students in procession the procession that was to leave from Piazza della Repubblica at 9.30, before the scheduled time has already achieved via Merulana and Vittorio square, not far from the end point of that concentration camp is piazza San Giovanni. The organizing Cgil leader, Nino Baseotto, explained that no data on how many numbers are parading through the streets of the capital, but stresses that "the starting squares of processions are wedges»: «delegations continue to arrive to piazza della Repubblica and to piazzale Ostiense, the tail of the marches is still stuck there." "There are many, many students-observes the Union-as well as workers and retirees. There are so many people who are down in the square despite not being listed at Cgil». Bindi (Pd): I hope that Renzi listens this square ‘ Are here to understand the reasons for this piece of Land. No political exploitation. " So Rosy Bindi justifies its presence at the parade of the Cgil. To those who asked whether this decision might create embarrassment in Pd responds: "I think that most embarrassing of manifestation of Leopolda there is nothing. I hope that Renzi will listen this square. I will vote the confidence but I will not vote on the measure. I would like the Government to do things better than he’s doing. If the labour reform is this not rated. ‘ In March the dem Also Gianni Cuperlo and Civati Cuperlo and goofy Civati are among the members of Parliament present at the procession of Pd Cgilin movement toward San Giovanni square. The two MEPs dem, as agreed yesterday with their other colleagues, have chosen to begin the procession behind the banner of poligrafici of unity. Several regional councillors democrat also present such a procession where, occasionally, appeared even a few flag of Pd. Although some people didn’t like the presence of the minority dem. "Out of this parade Pd parliamentarians who will vote the Jobs act," reads a sign displayed in the parade. . You can read the following hyperlink to read extra on this great topic.

First Ebola patients in Mali is dead.

New York/Brussels – the Ebola epidemic has reached for the first time the U.S. metropolis of New York and the African nation of Mali. At a doctor’s Office, suspected of having the disease have been confirmed, said New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio. In Mali, the virus with a two-year girl was detected. The child died soon afterwards, as the Director of the hospital, where the girl was treated, on late Friday confirmed the French foreign broadcasting station RFI. In the fight against the disease the European Union (EU) has, meanwhile, almost doubled their aid on Friday. NEW YORK: the 33-year-old doctor was returned a few days previously from West Africa to New York and had recently complained about fever and diarrhea. He was immediately isolated, his condition is described as stable. According to the health authorities, it is extremely unlikely that he infected others. There is no reason to worry, declared Mayor de Blasio. We have a strong team, and we are prepared for months. Ebola transfer through body fluids: it is not enough to be in the same subway car or live nearby. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the man had closer contact with four people–all four are already determined. New York health authority that had worked the 33-year-old for doctors without borders in Guinea and had flown to Europe and three days later to New York City on October 14. Only on Thursday, he got fever. The authority confirmed that the doctor was driven underground and taxi and went on the evening before the fever bowling. We are still convinced that it is only contagious when one is ill. A nursing sister infected with Ebola in the United States, meanwhile, survived the disease. The virus was no longer detectable with her, the US FDA NIH (national institutes of health) announced on Friday. She was released from the hospital and then met with President Barack Obama. The woman had contracted at a hospital in Dallas in the U.S. State of Texas when a man from Liberia, where Ebola was diagnosed. The man later died of the disease. Also a second nurse had infected him. She should have survived now also the disease according to her family. MALI: The infant infected with Ebola in Mali was taken on Wednesday at a hospital in the city of Kayes, on Thursday the finding was according to official data. A little later, the child died. In the same hospital, relatives and other contacts were placed under quarantine. The girl had been previously Guinea after media reports in the neighboring country, which is strongly affected by the disease. The parents had died both on Ebola; the grandmother brought the girl to Mali. Health Minister Ousmane Kone called on the population of the region, not to panic and to ensure compliance with strict hygiene measures. The West African Mali is bitter and only has an artisanal health system. EU aid: The European Union increased their support for the fight against Ebola on at least one billion euros. The heads of State and Government of the 28 Member States at their Summit in Brussels reached an agreement on it. On Friday there were already concrete pledges amounting to more than EUR 600 million. The new EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, Christos Stylianides, to coordinate the aid. German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the epidemic as exceptional challenge for humanity. There were no new pledges of assistance from Germany first but. The Federal Government said they have more than 100 mobilized millions of euros – and thus more than most other States. HUNGER: In the face of the epidemic, the World Food Programme (WFP) warned against hunger in West Africa. Already this year with large crop failures, to expect rising prices for staple foods and the collapse of markets, unless the Organization informed. The epidemic would last another four or five months, had to fear that sowing and cultivation for the coming year would be massively affected. Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are the most affected by the outbreak of the disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) has about 10 000 people are infected. Experts expect a high number of unreported cases. VACCINATIONS: The first large-scale tests of Ebola vaccines in West Africa can start maybe in December according to the WHO. A few days ago the Organization came from a start in January. This shows how currently pressure to work with, said the Deputy WHO Director-General Marie-Paule Kieny in Geneva. Ironic but, that the vaccines would prove just as efficient. One of the means will tested in the United States, United Kingdom and Mali, the others in Germany, of Switzerland, Gabon and Kenya. . You can read this web site to read extra on this great subject.

Presidential 2017: Holland best candidate PS for,. 4% of the French.

That should remind bad memories to the head of State. The time where, engaging in the PS primary for the presidential 2012, he was nicknamed "Mr. 3%. According to an Odoxa survey for emitting QED i-TV and "Le Parisien" Р"today in France" *, only 4% of the French believe that Fran̤ois Holland would be the best candidate of the PS presidential by 2017. Another outcome disastrous for the president of the Republic, when asked the respondents whether they want the head of State ran its own succession in 2017, they are,. 84% respond No. And its electoral base appears little more packed. It would be the most likely to carry the Socialist colours in 2017 for only 7% of 8% of PS supporters and sympathizers of left. From the latter category, only Arnaud Montebourg made worse (3%). Fran̤ois Hollande is widely distanced by the other tenors of the PS, his Prime Minister in mind. Manuel Valls would be the best candidate of the PS for 47% of the French, before Martine Aubry (28%) and Arnaud Montebourg (17%). The head of the Government keeps the hand when are interviewed only supporters PS (48% versus 40% for Aubry). On the other hand, the Mayor of Lille is ahead for sympathizers of left (47% vs. 36% to Manuel Valls) and 8% to Arnaud Montebourg. . Extended info can be inspected reading homepage.

GDF Suez, new target of polemics on pensions hat.

The controversy resurfaced around retirees Hat business executives and is the CEO of GDF Suez, which is this time covered by trade unions of the energy group, and put under pressure by the Minister of the economy, which is said to be shocked. The question of retirement which will benefit Gérard Mestrallet at the end of his mandate in may 2016 was raised by the CGT after the appointment Tuesday of a new number 2, Isabelle Kocher, favourite for the succession of the CEO. According to the 2013 group reference document, Gérard Mestrallet will perceive after his departure from the Presidency of GDF Suez, 831. 641 euros in respect of his supplementary pension scheme (Group plans Agirc-Arrco). The leaders of some large French companies are also entitled to a pension Cap if they complete their careers in the business. His is paid for the duration of the pension of the recipient. For all of the members of the Executive Committee (27 in 2013), the overall provision passed by the group to cover these payments amounted to EUR 103 million, but the group details not the amount of provisions for each leader. Le Canard Enchaîné, in its Wednesday edition, referred to the amount of EUR 21 million nothing for Gérard Mestrallet, reacting Thursday the Trade Union CGT of the group. He asked for clarification on the amount of pensions hat, putting forward the reduction costs Perform 2015 EUR 4.5 billion plan announced by the end of 2012 group. While many employees of the Group live with wages at the level of the minimum wage, they see their boss to grant terms of retirement out of mind, has denounced the CGT. This Friday on Europe 1, the national Secretary of the Union, Thierry Lepaon has itself applied to the State, which still holds one third of the capital of the group, to intervene on this issue. First, the Government’s response came from the Minister of finance, Michel Sapin, that he was attentive to the salaries of corporate executives, believing that some sometimes take their ease. The level planned for retirement shock, I understand it, the Minister of economy said a little later, Emmanuel Macron, hoping that Mr Mestrallet draw all the conclusions. The State has certainly approved by the voice of its directors from GDF Suez, all of the remuneration and the retirement of Gérard Mestrallet, but M. Macron recalled that it was on the instructions of the previous Government and that in this particular case, we would have not voted a such retirement. These provisions have been validated by the General meetings of shareholders of 2009 and 2012 to 99.55%, and covered by the Board of Directors submitted GDF Suez in a statement Friday, belying the passage with the amount of EUR 21 million. The Group also decided to enter the top corporate governance Committee, proceeding from the employers, in order to obtain its opinion on the conformity of the pension plan Gérard Mestrallet under the Afep-Medef code rules, announced Friday evening in a statement. -The choice of self-regulation – according to this code, hardened in 2013, the annual amount of the pension hat may not exceed 45% of the reference remuneration. But the Afep-Medef code lets businesses a large margin of manoeuvre to assess this reference pay, even if it has imposed since this year the vote in the General Assembly of the remuneration of executives. Limitation of remuneration is also facing global competition facing many large french groups, such as GDF Suez, global energy giant, to attract skills. As of Thursday, Emmanuel Macron, the Minister of economy announced wanting to harden this control of the good corporate governance while retaining the principle of regulation by themselves rather than by law. Because the controversy resurfaced regularly, as in the fall of 2013, when the CEO of PSA at the time, Philippe Varin, had to renounce his retirement hat of EUR 21 million while the Group was in a difficult financial situation obliged to freeze wages and ask a guarantee of EUR 7 billion to the State for its subsidiary Banque PSA Finance. . Extended text can be inspected visiting

You do, do you hunt? If doing “end Purpose” is Silvio Berlusconi.

"I am pleased that Berlusconi shares as on civil rights and jus soli was saying years ago hardened among a thousand polemics in the Pdl". The tweet of Gianfranco Fini is more than a livoroso "I told you so", addressed to the former leader. Is the signal that now force Italy, del centrodestra, Italian does not remain nothing more than a former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, who is playing the "Pact of Nazareth" as if Italy and Force the Democratic Party are just one party. Values and ideas of the Center, the "moderates", are overwhelmed by a leader desperately seeking an accreditation to the left allowing the faithful to continue to survive in the shadow of Matteo Renzi. The certain thing is that the attempt by Berlusconi to accredit to the left is as abrupt as "suspect", at least according to be repeating in these hours parliamentarians and leaders of Forza Italy. Also because, in these hours, is accelerating Denis Verdini’s plan to bridge the distances between the "blue" party and the PD. Verdini has been meaning to "empty" the Gal in the Senate and create another one, which goes to support the Government. Nor would the other two senators elected in Campania: Antonio Milo and Lucio Barani. For Milo talking already of an assignment from Winkler. Verdini works in a pro group-Matteo in the Senate-The "bearing group" serves as the bread to Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi: the premier in the Senate must deal with business numbers, the former premier instead needs that Italy remains apparently Force the opposition to try to glean a percentage of at least 10% in the forthcoming elections. Elections in which Berlusconi already knows to participate by loser, from comfortable sparring partner of Renzi. According to well informed, Matteo will ben "reward" in political terms the attitude of Silvio, nor is it a coincidence that an Executive of the Nazarene yesterday so commented to the fanpage of Berlusconi on ius soli and gay marriage: "Between a year we will make the party card and find a place in Parliament at Carfagna and Gelmini". But that’s not all. The consensus for Full grow out of proportion-the confusion that reigns supreme in Italy is doing Strength grow out of proportion the consents to Raffaele Fitto, the only one to openly oppose the left line of Berlusconi. Thick is ready to "flesh out" the Gal to thwart the Bill Verdini, and in the long term to ensure continuity of policy and the centre-right Italian Italy if Berlusconi’s design, to form the current "liberal" Radio party, were to succeed. But because Matteo accepts all this, if the polls are on very high percentages? The "Pact" provides coverage of tv and newspapers Silvio-simple: because Berlusconi, in honor of the "Covenant", gave it as a dowry the total media coverage from his publishing group. A dowry of invaluable, that Renzi is already using in full. Newspapers, tv, magazines and commentators of newspapers and networks of Silvio are now lined up his belly to the ground alongside Matteo. Ius soli and gay unions, therefore, only serve to make the vehicle more easily digestible, when the time comes, the Alliance with Berlusconi at the renziano electorate. Is this the plan of Denis Verdini, real and unique "shadow Prime Minister" in recent months. . Original data could be read clicking this

Report results: 25 banks at the ECB stress test reportedly fell through.

The Landesbank was from the outset as a problem child among the 24 approved German banks. Create in the financial crisis and rescued 2008 with tax money of the owner of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, HSH wrestles with the EU Commission still to their raison d ‘ être. The Northern Bank is allowed to while world leader call, but in a business that is currently anything but attractive: the ship financing is in permanent crisis, and as long as it stays that way, multibillion dollar HSH loans of failure are threatened. The ECB assessed the ship loans far more severe than previously the German supervisory and has designed a stress scenario, tearing huge holes in the balance of HSH. Although, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein have secured the Bank against potential losses of up to 10 billion euros with a guarantee. But a lack of final approval by the EU Commission for just under a third of this warranty. This last third is apparently needed to survive in the stress test of the ECB. The new overseer of the Central Bank but acknowledge the full warranty, be left to it at the end but the competition Commissioner, to lift the thumb over the HSH or lower. . Extended data can be found reading

Beat 12 – noon comment from Berlin: Happy without money? Forget it!.

Get rid of these, my life on experts want to talk a minimalism freaks and ICH space for some time. In the garbage at the flea market, to ebay. Only away. Then, they promise us, we will be free. Happy and relaxed in our empty, tidy apartments. Are no longer care must to dusty CDs and moths infested sweater. Renunciation is the big thing. Moderation is fashion. Lots of book authors want to tell ourselves a guilty conscience: how much is enough? ask them and claim to know the recipe, that everything will be better: the ascetic strategy, liberation of the abundance, happy without money. Oh, Yes, we should be even a bit disciplined at dinner. No food in the garbage, the food shredders, the waste called the appropriate Advisor. Not so much issue, best anything. There are so many remains, all the beautiful things that every day be thrown away. The author Greta Taubert describes in her book, Apocalypse Now is through a year without use and is quite quickly annoyed by the ascetic life. They test the emergency food packages of the Federal Government – and almost faints with hunger. She can give food or digging at night in the dumpsters of supermarkets. And suddenly the kitchen full with weird biscuit packs, which itself would have never bought. Free? No, she does not felt free. Rather pressed into a life that really is her. With things like pears in the glass or Bush meat. Help get rid of the all the furniture, clothes, Cup and vase, which stand at home, is not easy. Pay whom? Where to sell? Greta Taubert volunteered for service in the Internet on file sharing networks like exchange-me. de or dress gyro. de on. With the success, but no money, but that Exchange always new things. Even those who don’t want it, because who would like to Exchange can offer something in Exchange. And the place is full again. All annoying and time consuming, of serenity and joy of the waiver no trace. . For extra data regarding this topic read

Napolitano: after years of austerity just change, serious battle on a 0.1%.

«After years of restrictive policies of austerity, before the youth unemployment spread is right to urge the European institutions ‘ implementing new politichedi growth and development. The Quirinal Hill back to shore with palazzo Chigi, in the day the premier cuil Renzi has undertaken to Brussels in a tough confrontation on the margins of flexibility for national budget laws. Speaking to a group of students in the salone dei Corazzieri head of State Giorgio Napolitano stressed the absence, for the first time in a long time, in the final document of the EU Council in the course of the term ‘ austerity ‘ means ‘ To avoid new controversies someone agreed to not mention it maybe even driven by a guilt complex». Serious battle on a 0.1%, no one remembers why the EU but the support the President-in-Office did not stop here. In his speech on the occasion of the initiative "we are Europe", Napolitano criticized the lack of debate on ‘ high ‘ motivations that led to the birth of the European Union and that we are all accapigli, competent, less competent, competent, but nothing on a 0.1» with respect to the goal of balanced budget. The European Union "is not just economics-said the head of State-the first major political goal was to dismiss the spectre of a third world war and the economy became the instrument of reconciliation." According to Napolitano "discussing much of directives, treated, fiscal compact and forgets what was this great enterprise of European integration. . For additional facts on this subject visit fact.