The NGO Save the Children are 10,000 child soldiers in Central African Republic.

The number of children, girls and boys, recruited by militias in Central Africa has multiplied by four the past two years, said the Save the Children Organization in a report made public Thursday. Up to 10 000 children soldiers were recruited by the militias in Central Africa, despite the presence of United Nations forces, and their number has been increasing steadily these past two years, said Thursday 18 December the organization Save the Children. Two years after the outbreak of the deadly civil war in Central African Republic (car) in 2012, the number of children, girls and boys aged under 18 years, recruited by armed groups, has multiplied by four, says the NGO in its report traps in a combat zone. Some of these children have been kidnapped or forced to join armed groups, others have agreed to be recruited against money and protection, sometimes just to be fed and clothed. > To see on France 24: the Tatina Mossot reportage, price Ricardo Ortega to cover radio and television of the United Nations: Central African Republic, the convoy of hope still part of these children was prompted to take up arms by relatives, to protect their community or avenge their. So m *, 17, said having incorporated an anti-Balaka (Christian majority militia) unit after the death of his aunt killed by the Seleka (mainly Muslim). I have the feeling that I have Avenged my aunt now I feel more calm, okay, testifies. Boys and girls, some with not more than 8 years, are forced to fight, carry supplies and perform other tasks of front-line and support. Recruited children are regularly abused physical and mental on the part of adult combatants and some were ordered to kill or commit other acts of violence. They wanted to make us impitoyablesChaque morning, it trained hard and had to crawl in the mud. They wanted to make us wicked, ruthless, says thanks to God, who joined an armed group in December, 2012 at the age of 15 years. During the fighting, it was we, the children, who were often sent to frontline. I saw many of my brothers in arms fall and they were shot during the fighting. I have seen many things, a lot of atrocities. The time I spent in the Group was intense. I didn’t think it would be so. I had an AK 47, and I sold it when I got home and I kept the money. I have used it, and I’ve killed people with. I have many killed. . . says his side Jean, 16-year-old. > To read on France 24: A year after the operation Cymothoe, where is the Central African Republic?Clashes in Central Africa resulted in more than 3,000 deaths from 2013. More than 850,000 people, nearly a fifth of the population, have been displaced by the violence, according to the UN High Commissioner for refugees. Unless rapid and sustained interventions are conducted, more children are at risk of being recruited or enlist again, and those who have been demobilized from armed groups will be doomed to depletion, says Save the Children. The prospect of tens of thousands of children and young people, traumatized by their experiences, without access to education and facing a future without opportunities economiquespose also serious risks to security and stability in the longer term in RCA. * The names of the children have been changed. With Reuters first publication: 2014-12-18. Main data can be studied checking this

How to know if I have adequate electric power contracted.

Energy is something essential today, and as such need to know how to make use of it without involving an excessive outlay and an excessive and inefficient consumption. Electricity is a basic provision in any home and its cost is not exactly cheap. According to the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE), half of a home in electricity spending is 990 euros per year, so find out if it is possible to reduce that amount will be interesting not only to encourage savings in your own pocket, but by making energy consumption more efficient and responsible as possible. To achieve these two goals, saving and responsible consumption, it is important to hire the correct electrical power, a power that meets the needs of the housing, no "move" nor "understatement". First step: know what power I have contratadaEste first step is simple. It’s knowing what power has currently contracted according to know if it is appropriate or if you need more or less. The contracted power is the maximum power that can withstand a home with all its appliances fired simultaneously. To know what is the power that you have, just look at one of the electricity bills either take a look at the contract that settled with the company. It is an aspect that must appear obligatorily in the electricity bill. Second step: know what to necesitoPara power to perform this second step successfully, proceed to the sum of the power of all devices and household appliances, both large and small. When coupled with the powers, there is to multiply the result by the so-called "simultaneity factor", which will be 0.2 when it is expected that the use of the devices is walking or 0.3 when deemed a high utilization of devices and appliances. The final result of the multiplication is an approximation of the power requiring housing. In any case, the power can not be less than the appliance you need higher power housing. Moreover must pay attention to the type of power to have housing, single-phase or three-phase installation. The single-phase installation has single phase and a single current alternates, so consumed the energy with a phase whose voltage varies in a same way. With a three-phase installation, there are three existing currents and power will be greater and more consistent – you will need a higher contracted power-. Is there a power for each type of housing?It is difficult to State standard for each type of home values since each home is a world. It should take into account different factors as for example appliances that there is, as well as people living in the House and the same size. In short, there is every home has different energy needs and which must be addressed to hire adequate power. For example, for a House of 80 square meters in which everything is electric and that two or three people live, it is possible that with a power of 4, 60kW is sufficient. How do I change of company?Change of company that supplies to our home’s electricity needs is not difficult. Just to notify the new marketer electric chosen our intention of wanting to engage with them the supply. Then will proceed to the signing of the contract and will be the new contracted company which is responsible for all and each of the procedures that requires change. It should be clear that the consumer has total freedom and right to choose any marketer and hiring mode. With the liberalization of the electricity market, the consumer can choose to a larger number of distributors and rates. It is important to assess what advantages will provide the new company, what conditions in terms of the provision of the service has, modalities of payment, etc. Remember that the change of company is completely free, unless you purchased some kind of commitment to stay, in which case there will be to deal with the stipulated penalty. Finally know that if don’t want to change company but contracted power, this is a cost to the consumer. . Main facts could be studied clicking this link.

The aeronautical ask education titles-urgent approval.

Madrid, 18 December. -The school of aeronautical engineers of Spain (COIAE) is calling on the Ministry of education an urgent comparability of the qualifications obtained prior to the Bologna process to the level of master and to include in the Royal Decree of 21 November a Government statement in this regard. The COIAE insists that the comparability of the title master by way of urgency is required since a lack of international recognition of the points title prevents the development of the profession and the loss of tenders outside Spain. Therefore, it urges the Executive to include in this Royal Decree a governmental declaration identifying the qualifications of engineers obtained in curricula prior to Bologna which involve five or more years of study with level 7 (equivalent to Master) of the European qualifications framework (EQF), since this Royal Decree sets only so a bureaucratized and time-consuming procedure. The COIAE, along with other collegiate institutions, professional and business has been pointing problems that engineers have abroad by the lack of international recognition of their prior to Bologna University degrees, as well as the loss of international tenders of Spanish companies. (Agencia EFE) Topics community of Madrid construction and real estate Spain Studios additional engineering Ministry of Education University. You must read this to read extra about this amazing topic.

The new sanctions by Europe against the Russia.

Europe has decided to further tighten the screw to reaffirm the Union’s policy, which consists in not to recognize the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russia, said the European Commission in a press release, Thursday, December 18. Thus, latter adopted Thursday new sanctions targeting Crimea. Journal of retail. Certain goods and technologies forbidden to the exportationL’ EU outlawed European exports of technologies and property in the areas of transport, telecommunications, energy, as well as prospecting, exploration and production oil, gas and mining, in the Crimea. Investment interditsPar, as of December 20, investments in the Crimea and Sevastopol are prohibited. Europeans and undertakings established in the EU can no longer buy properties or entities in the region, financing Crimea companies or provide related services, has detailed the EU. Wiped off the map of tourism Europeensenfin operators, the operators of the EU will more be allowed to provide services related to tourism in the Crimea and Sevastopol. In particular, from March 20, 2015, European cruise ships can no longer calling at a port on the Crimean peninsula, except in cases of emergency, said the EU. This applies to all ships that are owned or controlled by a European shipowner or which fly the flag of a Member State. This package is in addition to the sanctions adopted in July these new sanctions expand previous trains of Crimea-specific sanctions by the EU in June and July. These, include lists of personalities banned visa and whose assets in the EU are frozen, but also the prohibition of financing of major banks and companies oil Russians, including Rosneft. . Original facts can be read clicking this

Air France, still wrestling with the pilots Strike indefinitely: on the ground six out of ten flights.

Does not end the standoff between the summits of Air France and the pilots, who started the second week of the strike, nailing down for the eighth consecutive day the 60 percent of flights.  The management of Air France-Klm Group had tried, in the late morning, to make a "gesture of reconciliation ‘, proposing a suspension until the end of the year of the creation of a European subsidiary of the Dutch subsidiary Transavia, a low cost airline whose development was one of the pillars of the medium-term strategic plan. A project that had always been hated French pilots, who feared a downward realignment of working conditions and remuneration, far more beneficial for those who fly planes of Air France fleet compared to Transavia colleagues, whose business focuses primarily on short and medium routes and tourist clientele.   The suspension, explained the Managing Director of the franco-Dutch group Alexandre de Juniac, Le Monde would serve to have time to pursue an in-depth dialogue on the project and process with the unions guarantee necessary ", but without" questioning our ambition to develop Transavia, which is one of the major growth factors of Air France-Klm group». But, more importantly, would make it possible to put an end to a strike "regrettable for Air France customers" and "disastrous for the company," to which each day of mobilization costs "between 15 and 20 million euros" in terms of operating profit.   The response of the first pilots ‘ Union, Alpa, the overnight Snpl AF was dry, however: the offer of a momentary stop to Transavia plane Europe, to sit at the negotiating table, has been sent back to the sender, branded as a "smokescreen" that "does not solve any problem." The strike will stop only, have added those responsible during a crowded press conference in Paris Roissy airport, when Air France-Klm will agree to abandon the project.   Meanwhile, the prolonged strike causing growing exasperation among passengers stranded, and made squirt skyrocketing prices of domestic flights to France offered by low cost airlines. A link Paris-Toulouse for tomorrow, writes the weekly Economic Challenges site, can get so to cost nearly 1. 300 euro.  . You should click the following to discover more on this amazing subject.

New York: William and Kate at the Sept. 11 Memorial.

After having met before any American gotha, US President Barack Obama to William in Washington or the Kings of the R B & Jay Z and Beyonce in New York, the couple began its third day of visit in a darker light. The couple was then in the day visit several charities, attend a luncheon dedicated to British talent and to attend the famous Empire State Building. They must then attend a dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including actor Tom Hanks would be one of the guests, intended to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the British University of St Andrews, Scotland, where both spouses were educated and met. They had to leave England after dinner. The day before, prince William express passage in Washington had met president Barack Obama in the Oval Office of the White House, before delivering a speech before the World Bank for the preservation of wildlife. In the afternoon, they had attended a reception by the Clinton Foundation where them had welcomed the possible contender for the White House and her daughter Chelsea. But gazettes had especially held the meeting with another American royal couple, stars R & B Jay Z and his wife Beyonce, on the floor of the Barclays Center in New York, where they attended a basketball game. At the end of the game, the legend of LeBron James basketball, known as King James, had offered them t-shirts from the team, including one for their son George, aged for a year, remained in London. William, second in line of succession to the British Throne behind his father prince Charles, and Kate, both aged 32 years, began Sunday evening this official visit to diplomatic and economic objectives with the promotion of British interests. This American visit is expected to revive the memory of the voyage of prince Charles and Diana in 1985. The Princess of Wales had then picked up the media attention by dancing with US president Ronald Reagan and John Travolta. . Extended info can be read clicking

The steward is wrong to serve: Korean Air boss indents the plane.

Could not believe their eyes: sitting in first class on an airliner departing from New York to South Korea, it was seen to serve by the flight attendant of peanuts in a bag instead of a dish, as would be desired. An affront that enough to go on a rampage, seek dismissal of stewards and order the return to the air terminal (which was already starting to take off with 250 people on board) to download the employee suspected of incompetence and inaffidabilit. On the other hand, she was not a temporary matter. Heather Cho, 40 years in the quality of the company’s Korean Air Vice President and daughter of the President, thought to afford everything, really everything, aboard their planes. Including at least hysterical scene that Friday 5 December, at JFK airport, he put in the spotlight around the world and, especially, has made ending up under investigation. The Ministry of transport of his own country, South Korea, is considering the possibility to send her to jail. The Aviation Security Act prohibits passengers, among other things, to cause discomfort, use violent language or shouting: let alone when it comes to blocking an airplane and get it back. Cho’s anger was not due to the tantrums of a spoiled, but linked to its role, given that among his responsibilities including monitoring of compliance by employees, the company’s rules of conduct and the quality of service offered to passengers. When you view serve macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a dish, as internal rules required, he reprimanded the flight attendant who tried to defend themselves say any excuse. Cho began to alter and asked him to pull off the on-board regulation for reading the rules. The Assistant has tried, but failed to find him and, trembling, began churning out, according to Cho’s version, other excuses and lies. To what extent Cho exploded and ordered the return of the aircraft, already on track to take off at 12. 50, to bring down the unreliable employee. Without giving any warning to 250 passengers on board, the pilots decided to yield to its demands, and return to the airport. We’ll see if his behavior was against the law, said an official of the Ministry-this is an unprecedented case, we need to study the regulation. In any event, even if Cho vice President of the company, at that time was only a transitory and as such had to behave and be treated by the crew. Then, once, back in Korea, could adopt the measures deemed appropriate pi, such as strengthening the training of personnel. The company apologized and reported that Cho resigned, but stressed that ultimately the flight arrived at its destination in Incheon, South Korea, with only 11 minutes late. As if the problem was a simple delay. . Similar data can be found clicking weblink.

Addams Family: Ex – child star Ken Weatherwax died.

Thought of the cartoonist Charles Addams, who published it in the New Yorker magazine had the morbid adventure of the horror family in the 1930s. A television series who coined the image thanks to numerous repetitions of the parents Gomez and Morticia, Pugsley and Wednesday, children, as well as the bald uncle of fixed and the grandmother was created in the 1960s. At the Addams’ is also a long Butler named lurch and of course the ice-cold hands, a servile and moving single hand. Ken Weatherwax won the role of young Pugsley, whose favourite Spielzeug is an Octopus named Aristotle, who does poison in the food of the OMI and the shrink Ray, but at the same time exposed to torments of his sister nine. Weatherwax’ older half-brother Joey D. Vieira had already played the boy Porky in the television series Lassie. His aunt had danced in the thirties in musicals and played. . Similar facts can be read checking

Classic cars: the collection abandoned by 50 years Baillon goes up for auction.

You must have felt a bit like Lord Carrington and Howard Carter at the entrance of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Artcurial experts when they arrived in one of the country estates of the family in Western France and Baillon hidden amongst undergrowth and disused warehouses have discovered some of the most important cars ever: the Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider chassis number 2935 belonged to Alain Delon and evaluated between 9. 5 and 12 million euros, the Maserati A6G Frua del Gran Sport 1956 2140 chassis evaluated between 800 000 and one million and 200 thousand euros. Are some of the jewels of «Treasury» Baillon found after 50 years of neglect at Echire, village in the West of France famous until today only the production of butter, which will go up for auction in Paris on 6 February at the Retromobile Salon. For the head of Artcurial Matthieu Lamoure era since the Collection Schlumpf in Mulhouse, which was not discovered a group so emblematic of cars and in original terms». This forgotten treasure is considered one of the most important and probably the last great discovery of dream cars disappeared. The cars were part of the collection of Roger Baillon, owner of French transport company fell into disfavor before he can realize the dream of opening a prestigious car Museum. Baillon during the darkest of his career had to sell almost all his collection, but some machines lacked appeal. It is precisely those remained for fifty years within warehouses and garages of the country estates of the family and rediscovered thanks to research by experts of auction house Artcurial. . You can read the following home page to discover extra on this great topic.

Act Macron fracture a disoriented majority.

Sign that embarrassment is profound, the left wing of the PS shows barely more escalated than those usually disciplined members. Saturday, Marie-Noëlle Lienemanna "asked the (deputies) Slingers to all Socialists" to "say no to the Macron Act. Refusing to take into account an Ifop survey for Paris City Hall, which shows that 75% of Parisians themselves favourable to "the opening of shops on Sundays" – one of the most contentious measures text-, Senator of Paris said, on the sidelines of the closing of the ‘General States of the Socialists’, that this Bill, "it is really the questioning of all the historical struggles of the left to the right to work.’, social thresholds, working hours, night work and Sunday work. Furious, the "reformers" of the PS rise to the niche. "Stop demonise this text. Proposals for Emmanuel Macron – five Sundays opened by year, of law, and seven others at the discretion of mayors – are quite balanced,"says Christophe Caresche. The Deputy of Paris itself "convinced that 90% of the territory will not be affected. It puts warned opponents of the project: "when one is left, can we refuse activity, employment and purchasing power? This is not serious. Above all, Caresche considers that this Act can earn "0.2 to 0.4 point of growth, a major issue for the majority" and "will improve the situation of the eight million French who work already on Sunday". His colleague Gilles Savaryest yet more alarmist: "is a very strong risk of instrumentalisation of the Macron Act in a pre-Conference of the PS period. Failing to target François Holland, we start by screwing Emmanuel Macron, and then it will be the turn of Manuel Valls. "Close to Senator Mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb, Member of Parliament for the Gironde considers this debate on the work of the Sunday ‘pathetic and surreal’:"the left is distraught face of globalisation. She clings to cosmetic markers and destroys itself on a subject which would debate in any other country in Europe. » . Original data could be found clicking this