The b œ uf a protein source that is costly to the environment.

To raise a beef, a farmer needs a surface 28 times larger to produce eggs or poultry meat. And need him eleven times more water than for other farmed animals, to irrigate the fields where to grow hay and grain which feed cattle, according to researchers of the Bard College of New York, Yale University and the Institut des Sciences Weizmann in Rehovot in Israel, authors of the study. The cows also emit large amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide. Their digestive system makes them produce five times more gas greenhouse that other animals intended for human consumption. Larger animals, cows also need to be fed longer to reach the right weight of meat. And the nitrogen emitted by manure, is a major source of pollution of water courses, that which leads to the formation of ‘dead zones’, completely devoid of oxygen. To conduct their study, researchers at Bard College, Yale University and the Weizmann Institute of science, have relied on data relating to the fields devoted to livestock, the use of the water resources and fertilizers provided them the departments of agriculture, energy and Home Affairs, for the years 2000-2010. . Extended data can be found checking

After expulsion from Mosul: Bundestag Vice Singhammer called recording Iraqi Christians.

Singhammer called the Muslim organisations in Germany, to speak plainly, and for the Christians and against their expulsion actively to engage. This should be also the topic of the next Islam Conference. The Dschihadistengruppe Islamic State, IS short, announced last week an ultimatum the Christians of Mosul by leaflet and speakers, to convert to Islam or to leave the city. Otherwise, death threatens them. Then, thousands of Christians had fled Mosul in the nearby Kurdish areas. Since the early days of Christianity, a Christian minority in Mosul, lives, people see there now exposed to attacks in recent years. Before the U.S. invasion, lived it is estimated that approximately one million Christians in Iraq, of which 600 000 in Baghdad and 60 000 in Mosul, but many of them emigrated since then. Singhammer called on Muslim homes and their surroundings, to do more to make their children not in radical Islamism drifted off. Also, the CSU politician said there should be consequences for citizenship: people who have committed themselves to Islamic attitudes and drive in countries of the Middle East, to there to massacre people, or that support such a thing, may be non-German. Who show anti-Jewish attitudes such as some demonstrators at Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in German cities, was abusing his rights. . Additional info can be found reading

Water: Royal wants to strengthen the fight against waste and pollution.

The Minister of ecology, Ségolène Royal, this Wednesday’s measures to strengthen the effectiveness of the water policy, criticized especially for his lack of results in the fight against the nitrates and pesticides. The Minister also considers abnormal increase in the price of water and told AFP to want to stabilize the household water bill. The objective that the s France? is set of good ecological status for two thirds of its surface water by 2015 will not be met, therefore, react, said Segolene Royal. At the time where s? install new basin committees which will adopt masterplans d projects? planning and management of wastewater (SDAGE), engaging the policy of l? water on 2015-2021, it must strengthen the? l policy effectiveness? water, finds Ms. Royal. Its priorities include strengthening the prevention of pollution, rather than having to carry out costly treatments which weigh on the invoice, and the fight against waste, due to faulty networks. Overall, there are almost ‘ a liter on two of treated water which is unable to faucets, deplored Ségolène Royal, which must submit its plan of action by the Council of Ministers in the morning. In the framework of the next SDAGE, 1. the 12 000. 000 existing wells should be the subject of ecological protection, a commitment made at the environmental conference in September 2013 and reaffirmed by Ségolène Royal. Some 3. 000 additional municipalities should also join the some 19. 000 already classified areas vulnerable to nitrate pollution. The France is under threat of a fine by Brussels for its lack of effectiveness in the fight against this pollution of agricultural origin, but the resistance of farmers are strong, particularly in the difficulty of the livestock sector. To break this impasse, a diagnosis of farms and the work of upgrading of buildings (storage of waste pits) and creation of methanisation units should be supported by agencies of the water, the Minister said. Regarding pesticides, which the France is one of the countries the most consumers, Ms Royal said wanting to maintain the objective of the Grenelle to divide by two the volume used each year compared to 2008, but the 2018 date is now out of reach, evolving little consumption. . You can visit the following to discover more regarding this interesting topic.

Israel: several large companies, including Air France, suspend their flights.

Due to the dangerous situation due to the armed conflict in Israel and Gaza, all flights of American companies to and from Ben Gurion international airport are banned until further notice, said the FAA shortly after 4 pm GMT. Updated instructions will be given as soon as possible, she added. Even before the official note from the FAA, Delta, US Airways and United Airlines had already canceled several flights to and from Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport. Delta has even diverted one of its aircraft in flight, which had almost arrived to Tel Aviv: his Boeing 747 party from New York JFK airport with 290 people on board and turned around and was redirected to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Two weeks after the start of an offensive by Israel in the Gaza Strip, which killed more than 600 Palestinians, the head of the United Nations and that of American diplomacy were trying Tuesday to wrest a ceasefire. Twenty-seven soldiers and two Israeli civilians have also died since the beginning of those operations. British Airways and its rival low-cost EasyJet have however maintained their flights. We continue to work as usual, said a spokesman for British Airways. Safety and security are our top priorities and we continue to monitor the situation, he added. . Inspirational source could be studied clicking this page.

Avignon: fifteen hours of immersion in the land of Henry VI.

Thomas Jolly has been strong. Ten o’clock in the morning, four o’clock in the morning the next day for the integral dela trilogy that Shakespeare dedicated to Henry VI, and which one of the characters is Joan of Arc, a maid with the great playwright forget the trial to the burn quickly like a bad witch! Anything that could put off the public from Avignon. Festival-goers on vacation like boarding but the spectators of the city and the region, those who also work and many were those who had taken two days of RTT! But there was no shortage to fear; In addition to the usual bar, a restaurant had been installed at the rear of the building with the different menus planned for each of the hour-long intermissions and a base of salads, hot or cold drinks, pastries, etc,. Note that maintenance of sanitary facilities has been impeccable and if, of course, there were sometimes tails before toilets, the lines flowed quickly and in a good mood because everyone was happy, galvanized by the breathtaking spectacle of the young team of La Piccola Familia. From the first scenes, the public snapped up by the action and the Joker character of some of the first scenes, applauded frantically, which is rare at the theatre. The hit parade of success, there is the wonderful rhapsode imagined by Thomas Jolly and deliciously embodied by Manon Thorel; She was already first in lynchings this winter to seals when we saw the first part of the show–only 8 h!–and she had to improvise a text when some quarters of an hour before the end, a fire alert had forced the public to leave the room. Part of the public was more circumspect when it was announced that at the end, would be a group photo on the shelf, public and troupe together. But this was not required and when the show ended at 3:30 in the morning, some eclipsed not without having thoroughly applauded, of course. In the end, it is a Richard II looks like a Peter Pan of black-clad, end, frail, full of grace. No wonder that the room be lifted immediately for a very long standing ovation. The public no longer wanted to leave the actors. The picture was organized and the pot for valiant artists and technicians was split in a good mood with spectators who lingered and who were very awake!. Root source may be studied reading the following

South Korea: the mysterious death of Mr. Yoo, the surprising owner of the ferry “Sewol.

The circumstances and the causes of his death remain enigmatic. Murder or suicide? For the moment, impossible to know. The date of his death is also unknown, the body being broken down to more than 80%. Near his body, investigators found a book that Yoo had written, as well as a bottle of a product manufactured by a company of the family. His death is even more strange that his State could, a priori not allow it to move easily. According to one of his sons, he was paralyzed. How, then, is this old man found in an orchard in Suncheon, a city located 300 km south of Seoul? It must be said that businessman was still able to maintain the mystery. The Koreans call "billionaire without a face" because of his rare public appearances has never granted interview. Presented as an "inventor" on its official website, this businessman would have made a fortune through the filing of various brands and patents, including some inventions would have received international awards. During his career, he would have designed "household items", ‘health-related products’ and ‘boats and small vessels of high seas’, indicates his official biography. But his journey does not stop there. We also learn that it is belt black Takwondo and "skilled in judo. Ardent defender of the nature, it would also be "artist", "philanthropist", "sculptor", "poet" and "photographer". It is precisely this dual role of artist-patron that bothers Bernard Hasquenoph blogger. «Firstly, it funds the great museums and the other, it be allowed to rent prestigious spaces that allow it to buy recognition.» From a moral and ethical point of view, it’s a little biased,"commented journalist. More surprising, public enemy number 1 of the Korea was also known in the region of the Limousin as the owner of an abandoned hamlet in the commune of Courbefy, in Haute-Vienne. In may 2012, it had acquired this village auctions for 520. 000 euros. The origin of this strange locate acquisition, a project. This corner of greenery would become a cultural center that is supposed to welcome artists from around the world. Reassured for the future of the heritage and for the economy of the municipality, the Mayor of Courbefy was thrilled. Bernard Guilhem nevertheless never met rich owner. Only his sons oversaw the restoration work 21 buildings on this parcel of 10 hectares. The death of Mr. Yoo will be the consequences on the limousin village? Reached by phone, his company, Ahae Press France, did not want to comment, and the Mayor of Courbefy was not reachable Tuesday. . Additional information can be inspected clicking weblink.

Report: wreckage indicates a missile hit.

Among others, chipped off varnish on the outside of the originating from the fuselage wreckage part as a document has been specified. The experts suggest that the plane of the Malaysia’s airlines with 298 people onboard on Thursday was hit by the missile of Russian "Buk" air defense system. The United States suspect pro-Russian separatists to have shot down the civilian airliner with a ground-to air missile. The pro-Russian separatists, meanwhile, passed the flight recorders of the passenger plane allegedly downed over the Eastern Ukraine on the night of Tuesday to representatives of Malaysia’s. The rebels handed in Donetsk in the presence of about 150 journalists the so-called Black Box off, consisting of from the flight data recorder and the voice recorder. A Malaysian expert thanked the separatists. The devices are intact and only slightly damaged, he said. Also to the handing over of the bodies of the crash victims, Borodaj had reached an agreement with Malaysia. Most of the 298 victims are taken to the identification in the Netherlands. The cool train will brought to Kharkiv with around 200 fatalities over Donetsk, said Monday Prime Minister mark Rutte. "We are ready to take over the corpses in Kharkiv." It is very difficult, said the Prime Minister. Most of the victims come from the Netherlands, therefore the country has taken the lead in their identification. International observers had repeatedly complained in the last few days, they would be prevented by the separatists on the work. The West increased the pressure on Russia and threatened with new sanctions. The parties in the conflict in the Ukraine accuse each other is, to have shot down the machine of the Malaysia Airlines on Thursday. The UN Security Council called for an independent investigation into the shooting down by resolution. All 15 members of the Panel – also Russia – approved paper at a quickly convened meeting on Monday in New York. Resolution condemned the shooting down of the airliner in the embattled East of the Ukraine "in the strongest terms" and demands free access to the scene. In the resolution tabled by Australia, the pro-Russian separatists have been prompted to maintain the "integrity" of the crash and to comply with a cease-fire in the region. In addition, the members of the Panel demanded to bring those responsible to justice. Kartapolow said that with its air-to-air missiles, such a fighter could certainly destroy a target at this distance. Kartopolow called on the Ukraine, to provide information about the fighter, and referred to information from Kiev on Thursday were no Ukrainian fighter planes in the air in the area, as wrong. Also, the Russian Defense Ministry presented satellite images, which should show that the Ukrainian armed forces before the crash had densely laid a battery of "Buk" rockets at positions of the separatists. . Original data may be studied clicking this homepage.

Heterologous fertilization: early pregnancies in Italy, but in Milan the Minister sends Nas.

The Ministry of health has sent the Nas carabinieri Matris clinic in Milan, where the gynaecologist Severino Antinori has obtained the first pregnancy in Italy with heterologous fertilization. It learns from the sources of the Ministry of health. The intent, he explains, is to verify the conditions under which the intervention was conducted in the absence of guidelines. Antinori has risen by defining the Nas as an intimidating Act of the Minister Latt, that you should resign. with male fertility problems, which had gone three times in Spain without success. The clinic has used the suit provided by a donor, always anonymously, that had turned to after the Court ruling, and an ultrasound confirmed the pregnancy. All are waiting for the Ministry’s guidelines-explains Antinori-but we went forward anyway, convinced that these guidelines are not merely an excuse to wait ‘ indefinitely ‘ and actually prevent the heterologous in Italy. While lawyers said also that I consulted the Constitutional Court ruling automatically restores the previous legislation the law 40, so for us the heterologous is already fully lawful. . For more information regarding this topic click

Concordia, transfer slips to Wednesday. Delays in rigalleggiamento.

By Lily still comes news of a reprieve for the departure of Concord: the ship will leave the island Wednesday for the port of Genoa. The decision, as we learn, would be linked to delays rigalleggiamento operations.  "There’s some work to finish, I finish, which can be finished in a day or night," said dettoSergio Garcia, perMicoperi project manager, speaking of Concord.  Rigalleggiamento operations of the ship continue despite strong wind and overnight the ship emerged of quasi11 meters. Remain so still about 3 metres to reach the final draft. The caisson S4 has almost reached his position while remaining lower caissons S5 and S14 before the ship can depart on her last voyage. "Our goal is the emergence of 17.5 metres and you can do it," said Franco Porcellacchia, project manager of removing the Costa Concordia.   The Mayor Sergio Ortelliha Lily Press Conference expressed his concern, saying some "slippage and irritation for the postponement of the start of the Costa Concordia".  The Mayor has added about that "the delay is a fact of which we note and let’s assume a reason" but while I understand the technical difficulties, "our apprehension and citizens remains high". The civil protection Chief Franco Gabrielli replies to statements of Ortelli: "the weather has had an impact". The departure of the wreck will not happen in the coming hours because "tonight there will be twenty to thirty knots. The weather condition has heavily engraved on this matter because the timing envisaged have been delayed ". "The transfer is complex and presents dangers for five days", but "for any danger was prepared an effective response. Precautions have been taken along the way, especially for substances contained in Hull: steel, copper sulphides, phthalates, heavy hydrocarbon anionic surfactants. Everything will be disposed of safely ". Make sure the Environment Minister, Gian Luca Galletti, in an interview to the press. The recovery of the Concordia puts a light on what is not only competence, but also the preparation of our marine engineers. "We’re talking about professionals required by the labour market, nationally and internationally," says Armando Zambrano, President of the National Council of the Italian engineers. "So far it’s going all right despite the usual contingencies of bad weather. Who manages the operations has all the edge to bring to fruition. "   . Main source may be studied clicking this info.

Gaza: the wrath of John Kerry to Israel recorded without his knowledge.

The Fox moderator, Chris Wallace, who asked him to explain his remarks, Kerry reiterated the right of Israel to self-defense. I believe that it is very, very difficult in this type of situations, it is, obviously, very difficult. Before explained: there are people who are out of tunnels. It has the right to enter and remove these tunnels. We support it fully. And we support the right of Israel to defend itself against the firing of rockets, which continue. Hamas began launching rockets after Israel tried to find those who had killed three young – you know, there was a kid who was also American, three young Israeli citizens. It is shameful. But the war, it is rude, and I have said publicly, and I reiterated. We defend the right of Israel to do what it is doing to tackle these tunnels, yet felt John Kerry before urge Hamas to demonstrate reason and understand that if he accepts the cease-fire, it saves lives. Kerry visited Egypt Monday for peace negotiations on Gaza, after US president Barack Obama calling for an immediate cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians. . Root facts could be studied checking this