Investigation in Rotherham: abused more than 1400 children in northern English town.

Child abuse the desecration in State hospitals of the health system of NHS, Affairs with young people, parliamentarians in Westminster, BBC, systematic abuse in children’s homes in Wales, hundreds of disgraced home children in Northern Ireland, the Vatican determined in Scotland against a cardinal: a nation of child molesters hides behind the facade of civility and good manners? Rotherham is by no means an isolated incident, says the Chief of the self-help organization of National Association for people abused in childhood, Peter Saunders. In the twelve-month period 2011/2012 have been in the United Kingdom a report of the Bureau of NSPCC (national society for the prevention against cruelty to children) according to 29 305 children victims of abuse. In the more populous Germany, the number according to the Federal Criminal Police Office with 14 877 half – was although the two statistics not 100 per cent are comparable. Total UK is not particularly prominent role in the statistical comparison of industrialized countries. And even if: in Rotherham and not only there the problem was known for years. A gang of men with roots in Pakistan has abused young girls, mostly from extremely deprived circumstances, as a cheap prostitute. Eleven-year old children were made compliant with liquor and cheap gifts, drunken adults then fell upon them. If the bait is not large enough, the perpetrator used violence. Alexis Jay’s report lists a case in which a girl with gasoline was showered and had to watch in a rape, to be silenced. Keep your mouth shut, otherwise’re on, was the unmistakable demand. Similar cases were known in previous court proceedings in cities such as Derby or Oxford. Partly concealed for decades were but also other cases. Star presenter Jimmy Savile could push mischief rampant in the BBC, without to be betrayed by colleagues. Reports of violence of so called education in Welsh children’s homes remained for years – probably for fear of claims of those affected, as the unmasking Jillings report revealed last year. In Northern Ireland, victim waited decades for the opportunity to be heard at all. Rotherham fits into this scheme of it may not be what may not be. Victims reported that they were was not taken seriously by the police in their examination, because they were already seen as problem children from the lowest layer of the English class System. Others complained the authorities would not believe them. A societal debate on these issues does not take place currently in the UK. The discussion focuses rather on the question of whether the local police chief must resign. . Original data could be found reading the following

Women’s rights: feminists appalled by the disappearance of a true Ministry.

Feminist associations themselves are emotional Wednesday that women’s rights are more vested in a Ministry of full exercise, seeing a denial, while Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, its former owner, has highlighted the progress achieved. In may 2012, at the time of the constitution of the first Government of François Holland, the recreation of a Ministry of women’s rights had been widely hailed by feminists, who saw it as the way to reduce the inequalities between the sexes. The first and only Department of this type had previously created in 1981 by François Mitterrand and never more recovered as such. The announcement Tuesday of the composition of the Valls 2 Government, although joint, has this time frustrated several associations, like dare feminism! who expressed its deepest consternation. The socialist MP for the sum Pascale Boistard indeed was appointed Secretary of State for the rights of women in the new Government of Manuel Valls, a post previously held by a Minister, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem. Ms. Boistard depend on Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs, women’s rights and health. If parity is the venue, where did the Ministry of women’s rights? Redesign pointless with denial?, is moved Wednesday dare feminism! The association said that the creation of a sustainable Ministry throughout the five years was a commitment of the candidate François Holland, an essential tool for enabling greater equality between women and men. Demote this Ministry to the rank of Secretary of State is a political signal extremely negative and restrictive, she believes. -’Back to the start’ – association feminist and LGBT cheeky-I-o also noted with scaremongering and melancholy change of composition of the Government with a leaked Ministry of women’s rights. We might have expected that in a country where 80% of working poor who are women, a victim of rape every 7 minutes and a victim of spousal murder every two days and a half, this mission deserved a true Ministry!, regrets the association. For the collective of women’s rights, the pill does not pass either. The association had already wary by the composition of the first Government of Manuel Valls in April, in which the Ministry of women’s rights had merged with the city, youth and Sports, restricting the share granted to women’s rights. Second Government Valls (,.), back to square one and before the arrival of the left in power, deplores the collective, for which visibly what was considered important at the beginning, is more. Promoted Minister of National Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, who embodied the struggle for equality and parity, two years preferred to emphasise the advances made on the subject (professional equality, parity in politics and the fight against violence against women), when the transfer of power with Marisol Touraine. When asked on the sidelines of the ceremony, she also pointed out that the Ministry of women’s rights, reappeared in 2012, is still there and that it is already a success. In a way, we have two officials for the same subject, which is a good thing, she added, welcoming that for two years the subject has returned to the foreground and inviting associations to give her chance to Pascale Boistard. In 2012, Yvette Roudy, first Minister of women’s rights, confided, she found a dramatic decline on the rights of women, from the moment or the Department that she headed had disappeared. . Original source can be studied clicking the following source.

France: start of the Valls II Government with a symbol, Emmanuel Macron.

The Valls II Government, purged of the left wing of the PS, plunged into the heart of the matter Wednesday with a Council of Ministers first marked by the conspicuous support of the head of the french State to new economy portfolio holder, Emmanuel Macron. Before the two other major events of the day – Manuel Valls before the Medef and the announcement of the unemployment – François Holland figures offered the image of the day: a handshake on the steps of the Elysée Palace with two masters of Bercy, the banker of affairs Emmanuel Macron and Finance Minister, Michel Sapin. The tandem had already arrived arm in arm at the Presidential Palace. The message is clear: there is now only a line, social-liberal, the only possible in the eyes of the Prime Minister, clearly claimed by the Executive after the dismissal of the Arnaud Montebourg troublemaker and his replacement by Emmanuel Macron. Coherence, cohesion, clarity: three watchwords for the first Council of Ministers. Let’s move the France! MV, a tweeted the head of Government. And the head of State drove the nail, urging his ministers to not play individual. The mission of the Government will be responding to the concerns of French – employment, housing, security, public services – but also the reduction of deficits which must be compatible with growth, continued François Holland, stringing together: the Government has a cap, it is that of the rehabilitation of the country in justice to have also a strong economy. A Cape, a line, the Pact of responsibility, and a method, that of coherence, of solidarity, the Valls II Government was duly lecture by François Holland. More discussions in the public square and quick decisions, it comes to restore the trust between US and the French, the key to success, he insisted. The finger on the seam of the pants, the Minister of decentralization and public service, Marylise Lebranchu, proclaimed that an Executive running. Confidence: it is also the mission that was assigned Emmanuel Macron – qualified by Le Parisien of Mozart social-liberal – during his handover of power with Arnaud Montebourg. Mr. Macron promised passage to speak with a single voice with Michel Sapin. -Its angry – the appointment of Mr. Macron makes scream Slingers PS: ridiculous provocation for Laurent Baumel, a financial industry, said Jean-Marc Germain. Mr. Valls had quipped on these labels obsolete and outdated as soon as Tuesday night. So what? It is impossible in this country be entrepreneur, banker, merchant, craftsman?, was he surprised. As the president of the Medef, Pierre Gattaz, it waits for the facts and the measures before deciding on the Macron-economy even if, in his opinion, the Minister has three assets: he knows the business, the market economy and globalization. As for Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, 36 years, became Tuesday the first Minister of National Education, it is already a target of the opposition. Luc Chatel (UMP) recalled the difficult experiment of the ABCD of equal experienced at school under his leadership when she was Minister of women’s rights. Planned for a long time, the visit of the Prime Minister at the Medef summer Wednesday afternoon takes special importance at the time when the left side of the PS judge Government policy too favorable to employers and too timid on the counterparties required in Exchange for the steep declines in the cost of labour. But the next big hurdle for Prime Minister will be to guarantee its majority in the Assembly, already weakened during his first three months at Matignon by a sling of a group moving tens of Socialist MEPs. The majority, it will be there, it cannot be otherwise, he insisted Tuesday evening on France 2, announcing that he would submit to a vote of confidence in the Assembly in September or October. The head of the Government, which has promised to announce measures Thursday to revive the construction of housing in full pessimism, faces an opinion always more impatient at the lack of results. Gold, on the unemployment front, the July figures expected Wednesday at 6 p.m. may not be good, they will be negative, has already recognized. . You should click this blog to learn extra about this great subject.

Seen from abroad, the change is Macron.

The Financial Times, as him, d c a will reform r in the change of landscape Department riel. The journal emphasizes the contrast between a former banker (Emmanuel Macron) which replaces a leftist rebel (Arnaud Montebourg). It goes without saying that, in the spirit of the economic daily and its editorial line, it is rather a good new t. The FT underlines also the fact that the young Minister of economy is not a read under the label of the Socialist Party, but contrary to the French writers, the note is not p jorative. The journal puts forward its r formism and his habit, if its proximity with the business community and the leading industrial figures. Finally Germany, Der Spiegel does not have forgotten that Arnaud Montebourg, in addition to attacking policy economic of Manuel Valls, was taken this Sunday the Germany calling the resistance against the aust r laughs forc e [by Merkel] in Europe. As such, Emmanuel Macron seems probably less aggressive and daily scans the large d challenges that await him at the top of his 36 years: stopping the decline of the domestic industry d, and halt the transfer economic r. � . You should read this web site to read more on this amazing matter.

Better than Lana: big pop Gemma Ray.

The new album milk for your engine (bronze Council/Soulfood) fire continues now with its highly acclaimed predecessor of Iceland (2012). Again, Gemma combined ray of wonderfully reverb saturated guitars twang in the style of the fifties with cinematic spaghetti-western themed, girl-group-beat, folk and also soul elements – and of course her sensual longing voice. The 32-year-old is however long ago even a size in the indie pop scene, so that after working with Thomas Wydler (cave & the Nick bad seeds) and sparks more celebrities on the guest list which can be found: about Howe yellow (giant sand), Fiona Brice (placebo) or Alan Vega (suicide). Among other things, the strings of the German film Orchestra Babelsberg provide the opulent sound. Milk for your engine is an album without filler material or failure as the strongman predecessors, it depends on the quality of individual songs (highlights: the opener the wheel, waving at mirrors, out in the rain, the bombastic drama rubbing out your name), but also by his once plush, even spooky atmosphere. Here, a singer/songwriter has found their very own sound and extended or refined him consistently with each new plate. . Extended data can be found clicking weblink.

Low crude oil prices: good chances for a cheap oil year.

Given the weather in many parts of Germany already autumn is certainly quite a few with the idea to make his heating – and be it only for a brief moment. One of the next thoughts should apply the oil tank in the basement, then often unless is heated with oil. But almost nothing is as difficult as the choice of the right moment for filling the tank. The lowest price to get rare – and annoys himself however. But there no reason this year. The price of heating oil moves so far in a relatively narrow band, which is a total cheap when compared to previous years. Last week, heating oil cost 81,50 euro 100 litres according to the energy of information service (oath) from Hamburg in the German national average. This price is calculated from the distributor information in 15 cities and applies to the purchase of 3000 litres capacity. Comparing the values of the week together, then a close corridor, where individual daily values may differ of course much of it arises for this year. Therefore, the oil price has fallen already four times to a year low of 80 euros: in March, may, June and July. Heating oil, however, with 84 euros was the most expensive in June as the price of crude oil reached a year high. In the year 2013, in turn, the price ranged between 82 and 91 euro. In the summer of 2008, heating oil buyers had to pay even the record value of 100 euros per 100 litres. 555 euros more for a heating oil tank of 3000 litres would be from our point of view. That heating oil is currently rather cheap, is located mainly at the comparatively low price of crude oil. Despite all the geopolitical conflicts that currently exist – whether in the Ukraine, in Iraq, in Syria, in the Middle East, or in Libya – costs currently well 102 dollars a barrel (approximately 159 liters) of Brent crude. The quotes reached a few days ago the year low with around 101 dollars – the lowest level since June 2013. The market is tired of crisis, is to hear from some analysts. Since the beginning of the year, the price of oil by 7 percent has fallen since the year high in June at 12 percent. The euro weaker since may affect the price of heating oil is however. On Tuesday, the foreign exchange cost less than 1.32 dollars. Similar to deep price was last in September 2013. Because raw materials such as petroleum but record in dollars, they become more expensive for consumers in the euro area. Therefore, the price of heating oil has recently also again slightly increased. And what about the heating oil demand? Rainer Wiek reported by the oath that they have revived last week. He attributes this primarily to favourable prices and concern that the one or the other crisis could escalate further, before the real season begin. Stockpiling oil running at full speed, reported the Internet provider Heizöl24. de. Consumer approved internally by the summer and devoted themselves to the autumn. For most regions in Germany the delivery was been raised in the previous week 20 working days from heating oil to a maximum. Consistent with the current weather. August is too cool this year. "In Hesse the temperatures have been 0.8 degrees Celsius below the long-term average from the years 1961 to 1990", says Andreas Friedrich by the German weather service in Offenbach. In whole Germany it was a half a degree cooler on average than usual. But the tanks of consumers are apparently still well-stocked. Because overall the market for heating oil, in this year of great calm Wiek says. Also, that show is that sales of a quarter under that of the previous year had been in the first half of the year. Here a matter certainly, that the past winter was so mild. Together with the lower oil price, this protects the consumer’s purse. And so the additional costs for the failed because for many past years lower than in previous years. And how should consumers behave now? Experts such as Wiek hold little of it when the oil price to believe that seasonal patterns. Earlier, the advice was often to soak up in the summer and not only in the winter when it is cold. But in the past year as the price was calculated in August with the highest April and even in December, in the heating season, with preferred. Experts advise to see prices and to order partial quantities, especially in years of large swings also if they be a little more expensive. For the loss of 1000 litres the average price according to EID was last at 88 euros per 100 litres – a premium of 6.5 euros when compared to the loss of 3000 litres. Also bulk orders are a way to lower the price. The most important influencing factor for heating oil remains oil, although among others also the regional demand, the weather, and the pricing policy of the petroleum trade take a no small influence. The oil market is better supplied than expected, despite the armed conflicts recently said the International Energy Agency in Paris. The oil supply is likely to be rather comfortable probably until further notice, also of Helaba commodity experts think. At the same time in global oil demand not least doubts but, due to the conflicts. Arguments for a continued low oil prices would be everything. But some analysts such as the warn of Commerzbank and refer to the particularly pessimistic sentiment in the oil market. A reversal of the same could quickly lead to a significant price increase. There are abundant reasons. . You must read this to discover more on this great matter.

Gaza, we’re celebrating the victory and promised to remember the martyrs.

Just the ceasefire entered into force, they swept by the thousands in the devastated streets of the Gaza Strip: Tuesday night, Palestinians celebrated the victory in joy, while promising not to forget their martyrs. Tonight, I am pleased: the resistance has managed to impose our conditions to the Zionist occupier, launches Rawa, who lost his house, crushed under the Israeli during the last war in Gaza bombs, the third in six years, concluded Tuesday evening by a ceasefire which should be followed, ensure the Palestinian negotiators, of the Israeli blockade which asphyxiates the enclave since 2006. This victory we forget all our worries, the destruction of our houses, our condition of moved and avenge the blood of our martyrs, ensures this Gaza refugee with 30 relatives in a school of the United Nations in the West of Gaza City. Like her, they are thousands, including many women and children, to joyfully walk the streets of their city taking slogans glorifying the resistance and victory after 50 days of a war that has made more than 2. 140 dead and 11. 000 injuries among Gazans. In the air resound the praises to God disseminated by the speakers of the mosques, involved in the celebrations of combatants firing, suddenly new visible in the streets. One of them, Ibrahim, Kalashnikov in hand does not retain his joy: much, we won with this war, he said, it has dominated the field and our conditions by force has imposed one of the strongest armies in the world. And still has the strength and capacity for a new round, he promises. In less than three weeks of ground offensive, the Israeli army lost 64 men, its heaviest losses since the war against Lebanese Hezbollah in 2006. And, far from the front, the diplomatic battle which was played in Cairo under the auspices of the Egyptian intelligence concludes, provides Hamas who control Gaza, by a victory with relief of the blockade. -The ‘heavy heart’ – hundreds of cars paraded for a concert of horns under a cloud of Palestinian flags or different political movements and Fireworks erupt here and there. We’re celebrating the victory there, but some have a heavy heart, tempers Mohamed Badir, 20 years. We do not forget the blood of the martyrs, the wounded and thousands displaced, promises ilSelon the Office for coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations (Ocha), 475. 000 people have been displaced and nearly 55. 000 homes have been affected by the Israeli strikes. To ensure that all this has not served to nothing, Mohamed warns: we are willing to be patient and start a war if Israel does not meet all our requirements. Umm Mohammed, 50 years, she says, not being able to describe the joy that has invaded it when she learned the ceasefire agreement and the end of the war. On the square of the unknown soldier, in the West of Gaza, on a platform, the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, invisible throughout the war, haranguent the crowd and promise the Gaza port and airport that they claim to find openings on the world. However, these thorny issues are not resolved. They will again indirect between Israelis and Palestinians negotiated under a month and these requirements are unlikely to be answered, feel experts. . Original source could be studied visiting the following home page.

Valls II Government: they come, they move, they come out.

This is the surprise guest of the Valls II Government. Only 36 years, the former Mr Elysée economy became Minister of the economy, industry and the digital.  Presented to François Holland by Jacques Attali just before the 2012 presidential election, this banker of affairs at Rothschild is the youngest of the Government. It will including the daunting task to put music responsibility Pact which he himself initiated as Deputy Secretary-General of the Elysée Palace – position he held until last June.  His appointment in lieu of Arnaud Montebourg is a strong sign of the Executive, which is so clearly the Government social-liberal line. The young where he received form a buddy in Bercy with Michel Sapin, Minister of finance and public accounts.   This is one of the biggest surprise of the new Government: Minister of women, of the city’s rights, youth and Sports was promoted Minister of National Education. A reward for one that is considered the rising star of the Government, in total harmony with the expectations of Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who wants a team that follows [s] es guidelines. Barely in office, it will be the task of accompanying the re-entry school, marked this year by the extension to all the municipalities of the controversial reform of the school rhythms. It is also who had initiated the ABCD of equality, buried in good and due form by his predecessor Benoît Hamon. Will she be back? The right waiting for him at the turn.   It will probably remain the only Minister of National Education in history to having no school. For the rest, Benoît Hamon, arrived rue de Grenelle only five months ago, especially stepped on his predecessor Vincent Peillon broken. ABCD of equality, two shipyards Peillon headlights, and school rhythms reforms have thus was prosecuted, but relaxed by Hamon in order to appease the discontent. The sake of consensus probably more dictated by the presidential deadline of 2017 by temperament. As Hamon will leave the image of a man of the PS apparatus, which, without quite unworthy, did not watch a great appetite for Educ nat and its complex lineaments. The footsteps of Montebourg Aurélie Filippetti also has decided to resume its freedom to defend an alternative economic policy. Minister of Culture since 2012, she managed with fingering his Ministry-budgetary cuts by burying the major projects, by supporting the presence of women and the renewal of the generations at the head of the cultural institutions, giving priority to the creation and the spectacle living (at the expense of the heritage) and by putting large establishments (Louvre) contribution to the benefit of small (companies(, musical ensembles,.). It also buried the Hadopi law. But she found herself prisoner of contradictions in the record of the intermittents du spectacle, obliged to defend a convention with which she disagreed. Filippetti becomes 1st MPP Moselle – his homeland. Secretary of State for transport of the sea and fisheries has indicated in a press release that the new Government would be without him. The now former Minister has been proposed by the Prime Minister renewed his duties wrote, but the Mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer believes does not have this ability of the autonomy necessary to the success of a coherent policy and action.   His term was marked by the adoption of the railway reform, strike three weeks of the railwaymen last June, and risky management of the crisis of the ecotax. At his honour: it is the Prime Minister in office to a marriage between two persons of the same sex as a municipal councillor in Boulogne-sur-Mer. . Main facts can be found clicking the following website.

On the way to the 9600er brand?: Dax moves in the plus.

The new return deep on the bond market led to increasing optimism, after Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi announced a further easing of monetary policy in view of last Friday. As a result, bad data recorded on the markets short-term positive, said Stan Shamu of IG markets. So, for example a disappointing IFO index the courses had not charged on Monday. The conviction had caused for price reductions in the morning that high day profits in Europe alone by the interpretation of the speech of ECB President Mario Draghi held. Thus, the potential for disappointment was high when he delivers something not directly at the next ECB meeting, it said. Also began to doubt the feasibility: how distributed you asked a possible stimulus across the euro zone, for example analyst Evan Lucas: other than the United States is that a Union with 18 countries and substantially different weights. Germany have the highest weight, but do not need the relaxations. Also the favorable situation on Wall Street speak for this scenario. There, the bull market is intact, after the S & P 500 the previous day for the first time temporarily overcame the 2000 mark. In Europe, technology stocks were back at the highs of the year. Should there be new purchases, they brought themselves as favourites for a potential further bullish position. The Ukraine is heading for in the midst of the battles against pro-Russian separatists on new elections, after Poroshenko decided to dissolve Parliament by Decree. Before it is not clear whether can be used on a relaxation in the Ukraine, barely one out of the window wants to sit, said a stock trader. On the Russian stock exchanges, the two indexes of RTS and MICEX were each 0.3 percent negative. . For additional on this subject check site.

When the head of the “wall of the cons’ went to a meeting of the left party,.

Yes the magistrates are citizens like any other, and so they have the right to have a political opinion and vote. On the other hand, it is time to remind (finally!) the magistrates of this organization their reserve duty and obligations related to their functions. Let us be clear and move away from immediately the false arguments of this organization. Yes, an organization can participate in a discussion at the invitation of a political party. Yes the magistrates are citizens like any other, and so they have the right to have a political opinion and vote. On the other hand, it is time to remind (finally!) the magistrates of this organization their reserve duty and obligations related to their functions. Remind them, too, since the discovery of the "wall of idiots" at their premises in the suspicion against a politicized justice turned in defiance and rejection. And face this dangerous gap that they dig between citizens and justice, what do do? For extended information on this topic check web site.