Hand: Saint-Raphaël asserts itself at the expense of Dunkirk.

Saint-Raphaël has confirmed that should count with him this season by going to prevail at Dunkirk (36-33), Wednesday on the 10th day of D1 handball gentlemen. The club varois remains on the second place of the podium, three points behind leader Montpellier that devastated everything on its passage to the country of Aix (33-22). Follow to a point of Saint-Raphaël le Paris SG, which is released at the end of match before Toulouse (34-31), and Nantes that did no harm to get rid of Istres (33-24). Dunkerque won with this fourth defeat of the season, and already has six points behind Montpellier, a gap that could well prove to be irreversible. Champion of France has been attracting the type of game that suits her least, where attacks take precedence over defenses. The duo Raphaël Casanova (12 goals) /Morten Olsen (7) tyrannized the northerners, who have also paid the efforts made Sunday in the champions League Montpellier proved much too strong for Aix with a Mathieu Grébille (9 goals in 9 of 9 on penalties) and a Dragan Gajic (8 goals in 8 out of 10) both absolutely impeccable. Despite a small vacuum defensive passage at the end of the match, PSG had to too strive to overcome Toulouse, short of offensive arguments in the absence of international right-back Valentin Porte (abdominal). Toulouse took a burst late in the first period, after the provisional release, for a slight injury to ankle, Jérôme Fernandez, ultimately better marker of the match (11 goals). Front of Istres, still stuck in last place in the classification, the Nantais, them, were was launched into orbit by their right-winger Jordan Camarero (8 goals). Finally, Créteil, face in Nîmes (28-27), and Sélestat, Tremblay-en-France (25-23), got the precious victories to maintain. Results from the 10th day of championship of France of Division 1 gentlemen of handball: mercrediPays of Aix – Montpellier 22 – 33creteil – Nimes 28 – 27Dunkerque – Saint-Raphaël 33 36Tremblay France – Sélestat 23 – 25Nantes – Istres 33 – 24Paris SG – Toulouse 34 – 31jeudi(20h45) Cesson – Chambéry. Extended information can be read visiting http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com.

Strange Orbiter: speculation about Russian satellite killer.

The rocket launch by May 23, seemed like a harmless routine operation: Russia scored three communications satellites into space, to enhance an already existing military network. It was also an object in Earth’s orbit, it actually should be space debris. But the supposed scrap soft-pedaling suddenly amazingly precise maneuvers. Most recently it came on November 9 with the burned-out rocket stage, which had transported the object in space months ago. What the Russians brought there in orbit? Since the financial times first reported Monday about the mystery, newspapers, amateur astronomers and experts about the object with the astronomical designation of 2014-28E or Cosmos speculate 2499. It is run under the catalog number under 39765 of North American air and space defense command (NORAD). Against the background of the current tensions between Russia and the West, the goings-on in the orbit in addition gaining importance. Work on anti-satellite weapons almost as old is the space itself. The United States began at the end of the 1950s with the development of missiles that can shoot the orbiter from the sky. This is very tricky: In the low Earth orbit – so at altitudes of 200 to 2000 km – rush satellite with about 25 000 to 30 000 km/h over the Earth and represent very small targets. Nevertheless, this hurdle was overcome: in 1985, a U.S. fighter jet shot down a research satellite with a special rocket, China moved in January 2007. In particular the Chinese test has shown the dangerous consequences such a hit can have: thousands debris reached the orbit. Due to the high speeds at all, even tiny fragments on impact can release enormous energies. With the destruction of enemy satellites, the attacker brings so also its own Orbiter in danger. . For more about this topic check blog.

Third Pass: better levees and hospitals or large works?.

In short, there is no money! We repeat all the sauces. We scraped the bottom of the barrel. However, in order to achieve the 53 miles of the third pass, the 6.2 billion were found. All Right. So, to clarify some things better Italians distracted and entranced by the rhetoric of great works, do a little math and compile a short list of useful things that we remove or there are missing because the priorities are the great works as the third Pass: an estimate of the Union of the provinces has calculated the sum 5 billion needed to secure all schools in Italy. A study of 2012 of the Ministry of environment has calculated the Figure 41 billion to prevent the hydrogeological. Would these priorities, the chapters with more funds. But the other day in Parliament the Minister Lupi said that if he had to he would start right away the bridge over the Straits of Messina. For now is content of the third crossing. And much more. . You must check the following info to learn more about this interesting topic.

Michaël Dos Santos: which is the second french jihadist identified on the video of executions of Daech.

Shortly after the start of the war in Iraq led by the United States, a new jihadist group emerged in Iraq. This is the origin of the Islamic State. This group presented itself as the defender of the Sunni minority against the Shiites who took power with the invasion led by the United States in 2003. He became known by killings of Shiites and suicide attacks against American forces. His brutality and his uncompromising islam will eventually push the Sunni tribes to drive out of their territory. Hounded by Iraq, its members as early as July 2011, is three months after the beginning of the revolt against Bashar al-Assad, are called to go fight the regime in Syria. Involvement in the Syrian conflict that allows real growth. In Syria, quickly appear dissensions between Iraqi and Syrian jihadis. The first propose the creation in April 2013 of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (EIIL) but the Syrian leader refuses and keeps the Front al-Dhanub, which becomes the official branch of al-Qaeda in Syria. With his victories in Iraq and Syria, the head of the EIIL Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaims June 2014 a Caliphate straddling the two countries. On this occasion, the jihadist group is renamed Islamic State (AR). It is called ISIS in English and Daesh in Arabic. Photo: the flag of the Islamic State the Islamic State is led by a man little known: Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (see photo). Born in 1971 in Samarra North of Baghdad, according to Washington, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, would have joined the insurgency in Iraq shortly after the invasion led by the United States in 2003, and spent four years in an American detention camp. U.S. forces announced the death of Abu Aida – one of the nicknames of Baghdadi – in an air raid on the Syrian border in October 2005. But he reappeared, alive, in May 2010 at the head of the Islamic State in Iraq (ISI), the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda, after the death in a raid of two leaders of the group. The face of Baghdadi was revealed in January 2014, when the Iraqi authorities have for the first time published a black and white photo showing a bearded man, to the bald in suit and tie. The mystery surrounding contributes to the cult of personality, and Youtube sees bloom religious songs extolling its virtues. In the EIS, it is hailed as a commander and a present tactician on the field of battle. There’s no precise figures. The Syrian Observatory of the rights of man (OSDH) evaluated in Syria at more than 50. 000 the number of its fighters, including 20. 000 Syrian, from the Gulf, from Chechnya, Europe and even China. In Iraq, according to Ahmad al-Sharifi, Professor of political science at Baghdad University, the EI account between 8000 and 10. 000 combatants including 60% of Iraqis. The EIS recruits extensively throughout social networks, but there are many rebels who joined out of fear or entice by offered wages. At the end of the month of August, the Islamic State controlled about 25% of Syria (45,000 km2) and 40% of Iraq (170,000 km2), making a total of 215,000 km2. It is the equivalent of the United Kingdom (237 000 km2), according to Fabrice Balanche, expert geographer of the Syria. However, he said, most of the territories controlled by the IC, particularly in Iraq, are desert, which reduces its actual control over the territory. The Caliphate stretches from Manbej, in the North of the Syria near the Turkish border in the province of Aleppo, in the East with the province of Raqqah and a large part of the governorates of Hasakah and Deir Ezzor, up to the border town of Boukamal. In Iraq, it controls the Sunni regions West and North with including the city of Mosul. The EIS has tanks, humvees (vehicles), missiles and other heavy weaponry captured from enemies at his offensive. This material, often American-made, and in particular abandoned by the Iraqi army when his withdrawal against the insurgents in the early days of their offensive, has transformed the military capabilities of the IC. They have reaped significant amounts of equipment that they most need, according to Anthony Cordesman, of the Center for strategic and international studies in Washington. For the writer and Lebanese journalist Hazem al-Amine, Western jihadists are fascinated by his demonstration of force Hollywood type. The beheadings, executions and the conquest of territories are epic. In addition, according to experts, the EIS plays on religious sentiment and says them it resumed with islam from the time of Muhammad. . Related text can be found clicking http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com.

1. FC Kaiserslautern: Palatine truths.

The controversial use of millions in taxpayer money for the football second League club of FC Kaiserslautern is always bizarre trains. Shortly before the General Assembly of the economically depressed Association on Sunday at the Betzenberg, the situation coming to a head, must those in charge at the Club and community can be even the question, how they deal with the truth. It is, after all, to the European Commission and the affirmation of the FCK Chairman Stefan Kuntz, the competition authorities in Brussels would have given "green light" for the controversial landlord model at Fritz-Walter-Stadion Miejski now with a "EU decision". The Club rowed back on Tuesday upon request. He was taken "legally" in the matter, and there is "no legal aid concerns" after "intensive discussions" with the implementation. The city does not even replied. Last but not least, the taxpayer Association Rhineland-Palatinate criticized the long-standing practice of the Palatine football institution – held economically using State resources alive despite the mismanagement of the Club leadership. The annual rent for the second League of so far 3.2 million to 2.4 million euro should be reduced to relieve the heavily indebted club. Only in the case of the first League affiliation and sporting exploits that appear currently rather unrealistic, the lease is expected to increase again. It’s called then the louder jargon "Model for the future". Only, is the money there? Long, the last had to concede that the money was used for the current operation. But it is also available in full height? Insider provides the views of the current balance: after there may be a small profit of 180 000 euro, but turned in the year at least six million euros due to special income (player sales, signing fee of a marketer, Cup revenue) gone to are, the question is, what happened in the invoice with the additional six million from the fan bond. The Club would have to be really financially better off. Everything away? CEO Kuntz with the backing of the Supervisory Board Chief Dieter Rombach said the Club would be on "healthy legs". But what is still to believe them? How can a Club have down and well, when the city will have to cut the rent? If repeatedly show a debt balance sheets over the years? Rai also had to admit in the meantime, that his TV statement, the money was the fan bond set on an account, obviously not quite the reality matches. The software-Professor of the Technical University Kaiserslautern wants to be reelected on Sunday in his position. Who will be the business practices of Rombach, Kuntz and co. critical backlit by the FCK under pressure used. Especially this applies to smaller media where ever the accreditation for FCK games has been denied in the past or that are covered as now by top law firms with legal actions. . Similar data can be inspected checking http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com.

9500 at a glance: Dax again.

After the understated start given the gains in the two previous days, the German stock market carefully sets the forward. Traders show more confident that it is again up to the end of the year. The Fund Manager survey of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch had shown that the liquidity held shortly before the end of the year is still high. This money should find its way on the stock markets, according to the outperformance of the US markets and the Nikkei more on the European stock exchanges. Now will that Thanksgiving is approaching and that then the books are closed, addressed again, says the merchant. Thanksgiving is celebrated this year on November 27. It is so likely that the year-end rally is consummated already until then. On Wednesday could the market but first breath and occasionally gains be included before the courses continue to. The message is comparatively thin. In the Dax, it goes forward to 1.2 percent for Merck. Commerzbank to rise 1.1 percent. Infineon climbing 1.0 percent. K + S gain 0.9 percent. The course further benefit that the Russian potash producer Uralkali had informed, that in one of its mines, increasingly enter the salt water and the work there had been set. This in turn has speculation thrown on the market that could push K + S in the possibly resulting Prduktionslücke and potash prices, as a trader says. The question mine produce approximately three percent of the world’s potash supply. . You can visit this hyperlink to learn extra regarding this great matter.

Nationally, Earl: we are seen as a nuisance and no one helps us. I’m just not rest here to waste time.

They are just, but not the rest to waste time. Defend an endangered product. Just talk about Balotelli, we have many other problems. Antonio Conte is highly contentious in the Postgame di Genova: We continue, on 6 matches we have won 5 and drawn one. There are those who can distort the mouth or less but we continue to work with guys who work in order to remain in the National circuit. We must keep quiet and work. I liked the game, we played against a team that has fielded the holders and drew with France and beat Portugal. Armiamoci, young and old, will not help anyone, and we have to go it alone. We are working on all of them, you have to have patience and make working people. You have to have patience. In six matches, and won a draw 5. Still unnerved by the criticism on piovutegli after the par with Croatia, count is then returned to ask for more aid to his country even by the club. The next appointment is in March. We will try to work, do some meeting a bit to understand what is the situation in General. Three months have passed and I start to have things quite clear: everyone says that the moment is difficult, and you have to change. Then you turn and see that you are alone. The national team is seen only as a nuisance, if then after all then let’s put his hand on his conscience. I’m just not rest to waste time. Among the most satisfied, Stefano Okaka, which wets the beginning with: even without the detour sicuramenteentrava,. We thought to see all blue flags and instead were all Albanians-said the striker of Sampdoria. It was a great day of celebration and Italy from this point of view is growing. To say that the Albanians are well integrated in Genoa. Mihajlovic played an important role in his revival: I think it was fundamental for me since the first day we had a father-son relationship, changed me in many ways and can make me give up trattandomi from honest person, thank him forever because I was raised in the large football-adds Okaka-. I lost 5-6 years? I started to play in 15 years, to 20 years for anyone I was already old ,. But I served well. Bonucci instead back on statements made before the race to Count: this is the reality of the facts. The coach knows the Italian football going around and certainly need patience, tonight there was a chance to test many players who answered great. It’s one more reason to give confidence to this project with a coach as count will return the strong Italy. It’s hard to get into the head of the ct, but if I can say mine is real, and is confirmed by the statistics, which the Italians are few and a ct is scrambling to find valid alternatives players why Italy return to be the team that everyone feared. Ma-Juventus Defender continues, Captain blue tonight-with Count there is an important project, a play, an organization, and this is the goal to be pursued. It is not easy, if all play. The aim is to qualify the Europeans, surely we will succeed, and when we are here to immerse us in the mindset of mister, which is run and sacrifice for each other. At the helm of Albania there is the Italian Gianni De Biasi, however satisfied with the proof of his team. ‘ ‘ We were not in optimal condition as Friday, play after four days and trips that looked like an Odyssey there helped: we had no energy for fielding what we do usually but I think the boys do not have the factory. Our goals? We know that the road is still a lot to do, we are in a difficult group with teams who have players of the highest level. If we give back what is rightfully ours against Serbia we can hope in the playoffs coming in third. Tonight was a good feast of football, in all countries there are always so many Albanians ‘ fans ‘. . You should check the following http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com to discover more on this amazing subject.

I see no trend reversal: US stock markets celebrate billion deals.

The start of the week offers ample movement speculators in the United States: the economic horrors from the far East mingles at the New York Wall Street with major mergers. The merger Monday proves to be all honor his name. The effect of the latest economic data from Japan leaves clear traces in the United States on the first trading day of the week: the U.S. stock exchanges have found no common sense at the beginning of the week. Weighed on the stock market the unexpected recession in Japan, market observers said. However, mergers in the health and energy sector had supported the market. The NASDAQ heavyweight Apple defended its record highs recently mastering. Since the implementation of the share split in the ratio 1: Apple set the rate has to now 7 on 9 June by almost 25 percent. Back-calculated on the time before the split the Apple stock rose with the day’s high of 115,09 dollars on Monday for the first time in its history over $800. At the end of trade, the rate was 0.2 percent in the negative at 113,99 dollars. The indexes on the US stock exchanges showed from the start of trading is tough and moving in the course of little. Have been traded on the NYSE 0.69 (0.70 Friday) billion shares. (1 650) Kursgewinnern 1 766 (1 498) were the 1 417-verlierer, while 83 were unchanged (121) title. . Related facts can be found visiting resource.

Rome under tension, the disowned Mayor.

Graft Ignazio Marino struggled to take in Rome. The 59-year-old, liver transplantation, surgeon elected in April 2013 Mayor of the eternal city, accumulates the errors. "It’s the greatest bumbler of the country. Ridicules us’ launches Michela Di Biase, Councillor and wife of the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini. The Democratic Party, which has done so elect, asks him to apologize to the Romans and expects that Matteo Renzi returned from Australia to demand his resignation. Last episode to date: the mismanagement of immigrants in Rome. Tor Sapienza, one of the most degraded suburbs of the capital, the revolt rumbles for 10 days around the hearth "The Sorriso" that hosts hundreds of migrants. "Let them go", yells a threatening crowd. Extreme right groups attacked the home with Molotov cocktails. Ignazio Marino has record Friday, explaining his delay by a ‘ study’ trip to London. Eventful, with cries of "puppet" and "Jester". The police had to protect residents enraged by the neglected state in which is located the quarter: Trash disemboweled, syringes littering the streets, prostitutes on sidewalks, day and night, acrid smoke raised by the fires of junk, abusive occupation of premises. For three years, the Town Hall left settling chaos without intervening. A "temporary settlement" intended to host 200 Roma into account 800. Highways no longer on the streets. The police no longer. Only 20% of the Romans declare "appreciate" Ignazio Marino. When asked what works in Rome, 54% of the population respond: ‘nothing’ Because before these events, the aedile had already had occasion to angry Romans, including reducing the number of buses and closing downtown to passenger cars. It is also ideas for his refusal to pay 640 euros in fines for having parked his Panda in the Senate, while in fact most part. Another serious irritation factor: the fact of having married at the Capitol, on 18 October, sixteen couples, contravening the law, to the chagrin of the Government and of the Episcopal conference. . For additional facts about this subject read http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com.

Conflict in Ukraine: Nato fears further advances of the separatists.

Breedlove said the ceasefire, which has been agreed upon according to Ukrainian Russian talks two months ago in Minsk, just exist "in name". The separatists would be supplied from Russian territory out with arms and ammunition, but also with heavy equipment. Both Russian special forces and regular troops were active in areas controlled by separatists. They trained and supported the soldiers of the separatists and trained it on the heavy weapons would be delivered from Russia in the separatist areas. Breedlove also denied that recently the troop concentration on the Russian side took off the border, as had been announced by Moscow. In the border region are ranging from armored infantry forces on artillery and surface-to-air missiles after stationed had extensive military capabilities to eight groups of usage in battalion strength. Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed pessimistic about the developments in the Eastern Ukraine voiced. Steinmeier said he saw "no reason for optimism", on Tuesday evening after a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergej Lawrow in Moscow. You should but the Minsk agreement on a truce between the Ukrainian forces and the pro-Russian separatists by early September "not the story provoked" Although "Important rules broken" was, said Steinmeier. He was not directly on the accusations addressed to Russia, the separatists continue to upgrade. Steinmeier met – before he traveled to Moscow – Kiev with the Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko and Yatsenyuk. While Steinmeier warned against a "military all-out confrontation". "The security situation is precarious, the cease-fire brittle and the tone has worsened in the last few days," said Steinmeier in Kiev. Meanwhile, the Chargé d’affaires of the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin, Vasyl Khymynets, criticized remarks of the Chairman of the german Russian Forum, Matthias Platzeck. "It makes us worry that Mr Platzeck in Germany advertises for, to recognize the annexation of the Crimea", Khymnyets said the "Tagesspiegel". The former SPD Chairman had said the "Passauer Neue Presse": "the annexation of the Crimea must be regulated subsequently under international law, so that it is acceptable for all. "For a legalization of the annexation, he sees several ways:"include financial services, a repeat of the referendum under control of the OSCE and another. " Kiev and Moscow have to negotiate that. "The regions controlled by the separatists would probably"after everything that’s happened"not to the Ukrainian State going back, Platzeck," For extended data regarding this topic visit http://dd15eea7f7b64092cc17356efae7aed8.bloggerpemula.com.