Merkel ‘impressed’ with the programme for reform of the France.

Manuel Valls has also argued that the first European economy to invest more to boost the economy. "We must each and others assume our responsibilities", said the french Premier, noting however that it was "nothing come to ask in particular", if "the confidence of the German people". And on this point, the Chancellor has been less enthusiastic, by estimating that there were "lots of possibilities to create growth without additional money. "The Germany has shown that could both strengthen its finances and create growth", she said. An end of estoppel which comes if add to others that the German Government has already opposed to Paris and Rome. Berlin certainly recognizes the need for investment to restart the economic machine, but prefers to concentrate on ways to boost private investment, for not to jeopardize his goal of balancing the budget next year. "I understand the doubts and questions of the German people of its representatives, sometimes of the German press," said Manuel Valls, calling more than understanding of Germany towards the France. "Germans like the France that upholds its commitments, the French like the Germans who understand them." . Root facts may be studied visiting the following

FOOTBALL DSR: PSG hits hard.

the PSG (c), relegated to DH last June, is, alone, head after his second success at le Mée (1-4). If the team has Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 3rd Paris training takes his Pumas in the person of Thimothée Taufflieb (22 years), author of a quad. "It is an explosive player technical and skilful front of goal, praises his coach Carlos Vasconcelos. It was decided to leave this season with a young group. » Antony, winner of Morangis-Chilly (1-0), lies in ambush. "We have defended well but there is progress to make," tempers Eric Michel. At the bottom of the table, Bry – defeated at Champigny (4-0) two weeks ago – conceded a second setback at the reserve of Poissy (3-0). "The departure is difficult but we will work," promises Mohamed Bamba. No team has made full carton. The reserve of the agreement takes the lead to the score through his card at the expense of Yerres-Crosne (4-0). Beautiful performance of Cergy-Pontoise, which prevails in the CSL Aulnay (0-1). "We were more realistic than our opponents," analyzes Nuno Soares. Conflans stands opposite Saint-Brice (2-0). "The fantastic mindset of the players allowed us to win despite a numerical inferiority of one hour," breath Franck Blankenship. Finally, the Linas-Montlhéry promoted tears off the no face to Neauphle (2-2). "It remains on our hunger," says Mickaël Bertansetti. . Gauduel (49th). . Devar (35th), Djoko (40th). . Le Mée: Moanda (85th); PSG: Taufflieb (3rd, 37th, 63rd, 89th). . Kaka (8th), (35th) Huertos, Loeillet (68th s. p.). . The Colombian: H. Barnes (55th). Adamiak (5th), Ben Saada (75th). . Conflans: Elie (30th). . Linas-Montlhéry: Belliard (5th), Admi (75th); Neauphle: Tran (50th), Katie (60th). . SATO (41st s. p., 55th, 65th), (80th) Ebuya. Aarrab (50th). . Borges (26th). . For extra insights on this topic visit

Martell, the lawyer who knows too much.

Sec n students, classes are exciting because it connects the right with reality, the theory with the cases that come in the peri dicos. It does so in a way a little nervous, proactive and passionate. Sometimes it brings interns in his office so they explain topics which have between hands. Always talking about you and demands the same respectful treatment. Ten masters a list of waiting to see qui n sat in the front row; I’ve attended classes in which no cab or a PIN and the students were sitting on the floor, says Bel n, one of his students, and refers to the you, as no hab to jumped the crisis and hab to less ndalos esc, its criminal n specialisation was not considered a priori as one of the attractive s m. Messi has paid five million to him room to do to finance distra but that has not spared him from having to appear at the trial pr ximamente. Their clients in the case N you have very dif cil resolved output, recount and predict who do not see so clear its option n by the Covenant, is called conseguidor and summon the opinion n p public the outcome of the lawsuits. Also point to the difficulty that the lawyer will have to cover all their cases. Without going m s far is Allah one of them, the same Monday that Pujol Ferrusola was called to testify, bedrooms to Board of Bar to and had to send a message to excuse his presence because it did not give him time to arrive. . Main facts could be found checking this blog.

Isis, UN: “100,000 Kurds fled to Turkey to escape Islamic State”.

Are already more than 100,000 Kurdish refugees arrived in Turkey after having fled from their towns and from their homes to escape the fury of the Isis in Syria. This is revealed by the Unhcr, the Un High Commissioner for refugees, launching yet another warning about the condition of the civilian population of the area targeted by the State Islamic jihadis. The mass exodus of Kurdish refugees in Turkey started Friday when Ankara has decided to open its border crossings to persons fleeing from the Syrian enclave Kobane/Ayn Arab, besieged by jihadists. "The Turkish Government has announced and confirmed that the Kurds arrived in Turkey these days are one hundred thousand," said Unhcr spokeswoman Melissa Fleming. This massive shift of men also created tensions on the border between Syria and Turkey that have resulted in clashes between local police and Kurdish-Turkish protesters. That is also why yesterday the Turkish authorities have decided to close the border crossings. On the border with Syria, however, still remain stranded thousands of civilians trapped between the threat of Isis in Syrian territory and Turkish cured. In Turkey the Pkk, the Kurdish party, has asked all local Kurds go to battle against the jihadists, Islamic State in Syria. "The day for the glory and the honor has arrived. There are no limits to the resistance "says in a statement released by the Kurdish workers ‘ Party which calls for general mobilization. The rest just a few days ago, just ahead of the advancing Isis, hundreds of Pkk militants had entered Syria to support Syrian Kurdish-opposite the offensive of the jihadists on the border with Turkey. . For extra regarding this matter visit

Volleyball: Poland in gold, the blues at the foot of the podium.

The Poland caused capsize of happiness an entire people by winning his second world title after his victory on the Brazil, while the France missed the bronze medal while falling against the Germany, Sunday in Katowice. Winning 3 sets to 1 (18-25, 25-22, 25-23, 25-22), the Poland put an end to the supremacy of the Auriverde, who had won the previous three editions. The Polish selection thus signs a return smashing atop forty years after its first global sacred. Michal Winiarski partners took revenge on the Selecao which had broken their dream eight years earlier in the final in Tokyo at the same time. In addition to the 12. 000 spectators gathered in the Spodek (saucer in Polish) Arena, another crowd hurry outside the Hall to celebrate the victory in front of a giant screen. This success marks a triumph of St̩phane Antiga, former glory of the french volleyball, who had taken the head of the Polish selection just a few months ago, assisted by the former coach of the Tricolori Philippe Blain. The success of the former passer-attacker, revered in Poland for having played in the club for seven seasons, will put some balm to the heart of the french volleyball players who missed the bronze medal by falling sharply against the Germany 3 sets to 0 (25-21, 26-24, 25-23). Marked psychologically and physically, the tricolour have left a little of themselves in the bitter battle of the day before facing the Brazil, they did shake. It is horrible to live it because it achieves a superb competition, a superb semi-final. And then, today, it is all a bit side. I do not know why. We did not find the solution on their attackers, explained, the wet eyes, the captain of the Tricolori Benjamin Toniutti. It does not deserve this fourth place. It does not reflect all of our competition. It is really sad, reacted to turn the sharp Antonin Rouzier, mid-tone Sunday (12 points) in the image of his teammates, overwhelmed by the desire and the energy of the Germans. -Objective OJ РCar Team Yavbou, nicknamed thus since founding success against Brazil in 2013, has not gone far from his goal of podium a to prepare for maturity in 2016, Olympics, which she missed the two last editions. She will have the opportunity to catch up to the Euro, in a year in Bulgaria and Italy. Thanks to its iron defense, his trademark, a great cohesion, and the virtuosity of Earvin Ngapeth, his flagship, the France team player will be amazed the Volleyball World in this competition to extension (three weeks) and the convoluted formula, managing at the same time a return to the foreground. It only took the wrong miss its most important match of the tournament, which could give a larger projector sports relegated in France in the shadow of the basketball and handball. Less combative defence than face the Auriverde, the hexagonal selection suffered the pace of Germany, who signs as a return noticed in the global gratin, forty-four years after the coronation of the GDR. . You must visit this site to read extra on this interesting topic.

Nutcracker revisited in the Kalahari desert.

The familiar melody of Tchaikovsky resonates in the theatre of Johannesburg, but minors in blue working onstage interpret the famous Russian dance, wearing rubber boots. They repeat for Nutcracker revisited Gumboot movements, a dance invented by South African Black miners who slammed their boots on the ground in rhythm to communicate among themselves without being understood by executives. On the soundtrack, this South African Nutcracker tells the same story as the version of Marius Petipa, french choreographer who founded the Russian ballet school in St. Petersburg: the night of Christmas, a little girl named Clara lives a magical adventure. But without flakes or tutus: Clara, led by a traditional healer, runs through the Kalahari desert, where the paintings come to life. And the tree has all of the Baobab Tree. In the southern hemisphere, Christmas arrive in midsummer. And for Dirk Badenhorst, the CEO of the Ballet Joburg, South Africa, during the summer season, make as if it was winter outside, it is a little ridiculous. In 2008 the ancestor of the company submitted the first Nutcracker revisited, new dance this year. It of very different, enthuses Keke Chele, who plays the Butler. The characters are less polite, they reveal their hidden personality. As in a real Christmas party, when an uncle you haven’t seen resurfaced long surface,. It’s very fun. The choreography is based on classical foundations and contemporary inspirations, sometimes very pictorial, as the personification of ostriches on tips, hand folded in the air, which is reminiscent of the famous Lake swans. The 2014 ballet version adds performance of circus: some characters travel to a fairytale to another world hanging from ropes. It is the most difficult, says Angela Revie, interpreter of Clara. It takes a lot of muscle strength in the upper body,. It has, but not at this point. -Buffalo, proteas and the World Cup – Angela, white South Africa, already danced the traditional version of the Nutcracker, but this is the first time that it has a role in this other version: I love learning new things. It can become boring to rework the same scenes, she said. The movements are more dangerous, says Kitty Phetla, former sugar become plum fairy traditional healer. It’s carved, fast, it is very exciting. Yet, according the choreographer Adele Blank, adaptation was not obvious at the beginning. Many dancers are not South Africa, and they much danced the Nutcracker classic,. So they looked at us as if it was mad!Joburg Ballet troupe is by far not the most illustrious South African dance company, country which exports especially the talent of his contemporary as Gregory Maqoma choreographers and his Vuyani Dance troupe which combines modernity and African tradition. But it has the support of the municipality of Johannesburg, Director of Joburg Theater, and eager to decompartmentalize the classical dance and open practice beyond its current, mostly white audience. We want to retain our current audience of course, but also cultivate a new South African audience, an audience young, black, very interesting. Nutcracker revisited is one of our ways to get there, said Dirk Badenhorst. The decoration recognizes buffaloes, of proteas, South African national flower, the cup of the world,. and a coin bearing the effigy of Mandela. Three pairs of dancers repeat the waltz of the flowers, dressed in flamboyant yellow sunflowers. Everything is ready for a very summer Christmas party. . Original data can be found reading this

The European Court of Justice will soon ” the judgment of Mediaset. This is the certainty of the former premier and leader of Forza Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. Speaking at the school of political education of Sirmione, Berlusconi said: I hope that the reform of Justice at least healthy all vices and make every citizen some of their rights and their freedom. ”. I am, today-he added the rider-are not completely free ‘ ‘. Then the call to Italy Force supporters: ” We must be able to sell our martyr that we have at home. I had so many that I’m not what I demonstrated that it would have been destroyed ten times. They hit me in serenity, in my time, in my heritage and also in life ‘. Reforms? We’re not satisfied-Speaking of commitment on constitutional reforms Force from Italy, the party leader said: ” How can we people responsible and consistent with our past say no ” constitutional reforms, ” We wanted to do we? ‘ ‘. That said, he added, we are not satisfied of the results so far achieved. Then he quoted Matteo Renzi, candidate for mayor of Florence, and asked his supporters to commit to give concrete answers to the citizens in the small things of every day. When the current premier is candidate for mayor, said Berlusconi, ” he presented an electoral programme preparing a list of one hundred things to do ‘ ‘, clearly. ‘ ‘ Then does nothing-concluded with a pinch of irony-that it has achieved 20% in 5 years, ” but the method was good. Always from the point of view of the Organization of the proposal of the Party finally, former premier praised the school of Sirmione organized in these 3 days by Mariastella Gelmini, dedicated especially to Italy Force young people, inviting its leaders to not stop here: ” We want to repeat this opportunity with our young brave throughout Italy ‘ ‘. Berlusconi, after his speech, he entered into the hands of many supporters but left almost immediately the Sirmione camping in which was held the initiative without answering to questions of journalists. Ukraine Crisis? We went back to a Cold war climate-the former premier also spoke of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. ‘ ‘ We pass a cold ‘ winter ‘: this is one of the probable consequences, according to Berlusconi, by sanctions on Russia and possible changes of gas suppliers even to Italy. Berlusconi has claimed to have a role aimed at rapprochement between the United States and Russia but has repeatedly criticized Europe’s attitude toward Vladimir Putin.   I made speeches to rain on many friends to avoid new sanctions on Russia: Matteo Renzi I listened, went to discuss but there was nothing to do, said Knight. Then add that we went back to a Cold war climate. ‘ ‘ In the people of Israel today there is great angst ‘ ‘-the former head of Government has offered his own analysis of what is happening in the Middle East, claiming to have spoken with several of his interlocutors. ‘ ‘ In the people of Israel today there is great angst, ” Berlusconi said, noting that this is a justifiable ” if feeling arrive to fear that there is an Islam that is returned and that he always had as a aims to erase Israel and expel the Jews from territory that Muslims consider them ‘ ‘. Berlusconi has also criticized the attitude held by the West against Israel (as against Russia) during the last conflict with the Palestinian territories. ‘ Israel ‘-was his reconstruction Force executives to Italy-is struck by rockets from the Gaza Strip. These rockets continue, Israel must react with its ground troops involved and unfortunately-done unintentionally but war is terrible for this-there are child victims in a Palestinian ‘ asylum ‘. And it is at that point-the former premier said-that ” the West intervenes that until then had been silent and says to Israel ‘ bad, ‘ taking the retreat of the Palestinians ‘ ‘. An attitude which, in accordance with the same interlocutors of Berlusconi, has not been understood by Israel because ” it is the only democracy in the Middle East, the West, in a situation such as that it acts to reverse ” of how she had to. . Inspirational source may be studied visiting this blog.

IS fighters from Germany: Maurice, 15, jihadi from Hesse.

Hamburg – r and Maurice, in a light green-washed, unadorned room, sit on the floor and tell how they will cut their throat the infidels, they still believe to have made it. Two Germans from Hesse have come a long way behind, and were brought by smugglers over the Turkish city of Gaziantep to Syria. There, they wanted to join the forces of the Islamic State (IS) and fight for an Islamist theocracy in the name of Allah. But Instead of at the IS the two in June of this year – what they but have no idea – when fighters land the free Syrian army. To the affirmation, he raises his right hand, makes the sign of the Salafis with your index finger. And so that is clearly what they To want starting Right away at the IS, Rachid reiterated: we kill Shias, Alawis, all kuffar. With the hand he passes the neck, shows how he wants to cut the kuffar, the infidels, the head. Maurice, although still almost a child, don’t want to get up there. On the question of whether he was ready to kill the boy nods. Ready. Yes, if there are kuffar. On their way to Syria, so the two tell they got help from a certain Saifullah al-Almani. His name translates as: sword of God from Germany. Saifullah seems to be, when it comes to funnel young fighters to IS one of the central figures in the Turkish Syrian border. After mirror TV tried to contact him on Twitter he has logged off his account. Learn more about Rachid and Maurice TV on RTL this Sunday p.m. 22 35 in a focus on show at mirror. The title of the documentary IS – terror in the name of Allah. Reporter of the magazine were in London on the trail of jihadi-John, the executioner of IS. They surveyed IS fighters who were captured by Kurdish Pesh and interviewed the heads of BKA and the protection of the Constitution to the situation in Germany. Also the journalist Yosef Abobaker reported for the first time in the German television of his last hours with the American hostage, Steven Sotloff. Sotloff was murdered by IS fighters. . Related facts can be inspected visiting info.

Bologna, kills girlfriend and puts the body in the freezer: sentenced to 30 years.

Bologna, September 20. (La Presse)-Thirty years in prison for aggravated murder. It’s worth determined by gup Gianluca Petragnani Jealous for Giulio Candiotti, the 35 year-old craftsman of Berchidda (Olbia-Tempio) blamed for the murder of his ex, the bolognese accountant 39enne Silvia Caramazza, last year in Bologna. The decision came after a four-hour Council Chamber in the second hearing in the trial celebrated with abbreviated rite, and does not accept the request for life imprisonment of pm Maria Gabriella Tavano. Decisive was the aggravating circumstance of stalking. The body of Silvia Caramazza was found on 27 June 2013 in viale Aldini, bolognese woman House, inside a freezer: the murder back at night between 8 and 9 June. Lawyers berchiddese, Agostinangelo Mae and Savino, Wolf will appeal. THE COMMENT OF THE ATTORNEY. She arrived from Bologna Attorney the satisfaction with the outcome of the trial of Giulio Candiotti, at the climax of a story that 15 months ago shook the city. A decision-says the Deputy Prosecutor and spokesman for via Garibaldi Valter Giovannini-recognising the excellent work done by the Prosecutor and the police, deeply respects the victim and blows away, at least in the first instance, all these lies from the defendant unbearable. THE CIVIL PARTIES. We couldn’t not be there. It’s thought of civil party lawyers, emphasized in particular by Rossella Madathil, Bologna section of legal Udi, Italian women Union. After the judgment of judge Petragnani Jealous (arrived after over four hours of Council Chamber at 17.45), which condemns thirty years Giulio Candiotti, found guilty of the murder of Silvia Caramazza, the representative of the Association stresses that worth it didn’t matter, it was vital to be on behalf of women’s associations. We wanted to be together to remember John, this was the way. So also for Swaroopa Zaccaria, legal del Comune di Bologna: we were not here for economic reasons, but according to a clear political choice. The municipality is beating much in the civil rights field, and with his presence shows that he would engage in particular in combating violence against women. It was the first Constitution of Palazzo d’accursio in a murder trial. Satisfaction even by Fabio Pancaldi and Federico Canova, representatives of some relatives of the victim and compensated with 20,000 euros in compensation to each of the parties (ten thousand City and Udi instead): our action says Cali-had a recognition, we are satisfied with the outcome and we reiterate that our presence went beyond the claim (to 25,000 euroTherefore, little more than then actually established). Our Constitution had therefore full Foundation. Now for the relatives of Silvia, adds Pancaldi, begins the phase of elaboration of mourning. Thanks spread by all lawyers, went to investigators and investigators: they worked hard and well. . For more on this topic click

God Warrior To want to beat in the West – stop on the EU Commission building planned raids in Belgium – Islamic State.

As the Dutch television station NOS reported on Saturday that the Commission building in Brussels was one of the objectives of the jihadists, who were arrested in Belgium. The Belgian newspaper L’echo reported that the security authorities have foiled several attacks by Syria returnees and sympathisers of the Islamic State (IS) Dschihadistengruppe. One of the goals was the building of the European Commission, according to the NOS report, in which no specific sources have been named. At least two of the jihadists arrested in Belgium were thus from the Hague. Individual Commissioners had not been in the sights of the jihadists. Rather, it had gone to similar acts such as the bombing of the Jewish Museum in Brussels in May. On May 24, an armed man at the entrance of the Museum had opened fire. Four people were killed. The perpetrator, an Algerian-born Frenchman, sits in custody in Belgium. He had fought more than a year on the side of Islamists in Syria. The authorities confirmed in Brussels, the Belga news agency that there had been several operations against suspects. We are working around the clock on the problem of the returning fighters, said a representative of the judicial authorities. In June, a Belgian Court had indicted the Group Sharia4Belgium 46 suspected members. The radical group is suspected of recruiting young fighters for the civil war in Syria.  According to NOS, a man and a woman of Turkish origin in early August were arrested when they arrived on a flight from Turkey to Brussels. You should have been in Syria. The Dutch and the Belgian police had carried out raids in Brussels and the Hague at the same time. In Brussels with guns and bulletproof vests were found in the Hague jihadist literature.   The reports classified in a big threat. Until the weekend was known, that even the Vatican targeted by Islamists could be: A bugged phone conversation among Arabs suggests that an attack was planned during a papal general audience in Rome. . Original data can be found visiting this homepage.